148km shot and even caught the ball… 19-year-old ERA 13.50 Left-hander metamorphosis, notice of rebellion?

“Command has improved”.

KIA Tigers second-year left-handed pitcher Choi Ji-min (19) quickly emerged as a hidden card in the bullpen as he improved his pitch and improved his pitching. 

He showed a definite change from his last year in Arizona spring camp. He threw a quick, powerful ball out of the bullpen. Not only did he noticeably improve his pitching, but he also improved his pitching. 

After the season was over, he predicted a new Choi Ji-min while playing in the Australian League as a member of Geelong Korea. He appeared in 17 games as a bullpen agent and pitched 18⅓ innings. He had 2 saves and 3 holds with a 1.47 earned run average.

Director Kim Jong-guk, who personally ran to Australia to check Choi Ji-min’s pitching, gave a satisfactory evaluation, saying, “I threw up to 148 km. Besides, I consistently shot 145 km. My speed improved a lot.” 

In the Arizona camp, even his first pitch improved. Pitching coach Jeong Myung-won gave a generous evaluation, saying, “Compared to last year, the command has improved. The percentage of balls entering the strike zone has increased.” 

Choi Ji-min drew attention with a hidden card in the 2022 spring camp and exhibition game in his first year of joining. It was evaluated that he was a difficult pitcher for hitters to attack because of his good deception action to hide the ball. However, at the end of the exhibition game, he suddenly fell into a hunting game. 

He appeared as a middle pitcher in the opening match against LG in the regular league, but suffered sluggishness by giving up 3 hits and 3 walks in 1 inning and allowing 5 runs. He lost his confidence, and in the end, five appearances were all he had for the first team. Jegu hunting was the cause.  카지노사이트

As a member of the academy opened for individual intensive training in Future’s Team, he clung to speed-up and succeeded. He regained his confidence in the Australian League. He also raised expectations at the Arizona camp.  

As Choi Ji-min showed an outstanding performance, the bullpen competition intensified. Arizona has eight left-handed pitchers in training. Yang Hyeon-jong and Lee Eui-ri secured selection tickets as members of the national team.

The remaining Lee Joon-young, Kim Dae-yu, Kim Yu-shin, Kim Ki-hoon, Choi Ji-min, and Yoon Young-chul are fiercely competing for positions. Following last year’s 17-hold Lee Jun-young, transfer student Kim Dae-yu, who recorded 37 holds for two years, and Kim Ki-hoon, who had a strong pitch, if Choi Ji-man shows competitiveness, the bullpen will become even stronger. 

Regarding Ji-min Choi’s position, Coach Chung expressed expectations, saying, “We will have to compete with other players at the camp to find out, but there is a high possibility that he will be used as a bullpen in the future.” It is intended to be used as a first-team power and a hidden card in the bullpen.

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