Month: February 2023

Golfer Lee Bo-mi from Inje announces retirement at the end of this season

Lee Bo-mi (35, photo), a female golfer from Inje, will retire at the end of this season. On the 27th, Lee Bo-mi said through her management company, G-Ad Sports, “I plan to retire from the Japanese stage after the JLPGA tour this year.” I have announced my retirement,” he said. Lee Bo-mi won 21 times […]

“If I can’t do it, the team loses”… Responsibility for a 190cm rookie setter led by a V4 master, there was a reason why the master fell in love

“I think the team loses if I can’t.” Hyundai Capital, led by coach Choi Tae-woong, overcame the sluggishness of the past two seasons and attempted to rebound in the rankings this season. While fighting for the lead with Korean Air, they are in second place with a difference of one point. The main setter leading Hyundai […]

Life after retirement?…The options given to Ronaldo are ‘broad’

What is the life of Christian Ronaldo (38, Al Nasr) after retirement? On the 26th (Korean time), the British Daily Mail shed light on several potential projects about Ronaldo’s post-retirement life. The first is real estate. The media said, ‘Ronaldo has full rights to set foot in one of his properties after his player retirement. He said, […]

“Did you make it for Pitch Clock?”… In the bottom of the ninth inning, two outs are loaded with bases

“It’s over 8 seconds.” At the referee’s automatic strikeout call, the batter had no choice but to laugh with an absurd expression. The American media expressed concern that it might rather halve the fun of baseball, introducing it as ‘the game that realized the power of the pitch clock the most’. The scene in question came […]

Jung Eun-won, who is serious about defense, learns from watching a 19-year-old rookie… GG recapture start

Hanwha infielder Jung Eun-won (23) caught the eye of then manager Han Yong-deok for his stable defense in the first year of his debut in 2018. Coach Han Yong-deok praised Chung Eun-won from the spring camp, saying, “Unlike a rookie, the defense is smooth.” He was selected as the successor to Jeong Geun-woo and has established himself […]