‘3rd final MVP’ Oh Se-geun roars “My basketball life is more rollercoaster than anyone else” 

 “There are few players whose basketball life is a rollercoaster more than mine.”

Anyang KGC defeated Seoul SK 100-97 in Game 7 of the long-awaited 2022-2023 season SKT A-Dot Professional Basketball Championship held at Anyang Gymnasium at 6 pm on the 7th.

With this,카지노사이트 KGC won the second combined championship in the history of the club by lifting the championship trophy with a series record of 4 wins and 3 losses. It is the perfect finish following winning the regular season’Wire to Wire’. The 6th game in KBL history, which lasted until Game 7, ended with KGC’s happy ending.

Oh Se-geun dominated the series. Oh Se-geun, who has become a 36-year-old veteran, but he once again showed the truth that ‘a healthy Oh Se-geun can’t stop anyone’. He played 35 minutes and 56 seconds per game until the 7th game, contributing 19.1 points, 10 rebounds, and an overwhelming performance of 60.4% field goal rate, making an absolute contribution to KGC’s victory.

In Game 7, Oh Se-geun also caught a decisive offensive rebound at the end of overtime and put an end to the game by putting in two free throws. On this day, Oh Se-geun stood out with 720 points, 13 rebounds and 4 assists. 

Of course, the MVP was also Oh Se-geun’s share. He got 71 out of 94 total votes in the press corps vote. This is the third championship MVP in his personal career following 2012 and 2017. Oh Se-geun, along with ‘KBL GOAT’ Yang Dong-geun, even won the title of the most MVP in the championship game.

After winning the championship, Oh Se-geun said, “I know that no one has chosen us as a candidate for the championship or as a strong team. The fact that I came to the second round and won the championship is very valuable and feels good. I am grateful.”

– You seem to do better once the playoffs come.

The regular league is a long race, and it is necessary to do it in the right place. When you need to get out, you have to get out. Since we have Omari Spellman and Byun Junhyung in our team, they played a supporting role. The playoffs are a completely different stage from the regular league. Yang Hee-jong was not there either. When he gets on the court in a situation where he can’t run a lot, he comforts him and leads him, but when he gets angry, he gets angry. As I concentrate, I gain strength and seem to be more focused.

– Received the 3rd MVP award in his career.

It’s been a while since I’ve received an award. It’s a big award, so it’s a special feeling. I really wouldn’t have been able to win such a big award without the help of my colleagues. Personally, I pride myself on being a player who puts in a lot of effort. I started exercising late, and there were many injuries. It’s not flashy, but I’m playing basketball like this. I hope that young players and student players will learn the basics well rather than focusing only on flashy basketball. Even if you play basketball like this, you can hear ‘You’re good at basketball’.

– You were pointed out that your athletic ability dropped a lot, but you received the MVP again.

There are few players whose basketball life is a rollercoaster more than mine. I also took pictures of the floor. Whenever I heard such criticism, I worked hard and fiercely with the mindset of ‘wait and see’.

– I put on my 4th championship ring. What is your goal?

I wish I could fill all five. However, it was too difficult to fill 4 of them. Last year was a good opportunity, but there were several bad things. This year, it feels good that last year’s failure was rewarded with a victory. If I get a chance, I really want to wear up to 5 of them.

– Get a free agency opportunity that may be your last.

First of all, I hardly thought about FA because of the intense playoffs. I lived in Anyang for about 12 years. I haven’t thought about going to another team, but it would be strange if that happened. I haven’t talked about it yet, but I think the club will take good care of me. I am also in a position to wait. I’m old too, so I’ll think about the future and get through it well.

– What is the most memorable moment?

This season goes by like a kaleidoscope. The most memorable thing is the retirement ceremony for Heejong hyung. I was surprised that I didn’t know either. Also, while winning the championship today, Heejong hyung happily retired, so the meaning is even more special.

– Because Kim Sun-hyung was there, a great match was produced.

What a great player. I’ve been watching him since he was little, but he still does well and takes great care of himself. I’m on a different team now, but I really respect him. He did a great job in this series as well. Sun-seon will definitely be great next season as well.

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