All of Conte’s division are OUT, except for one… Did you survive thanks to the ‘PL 1st place’ record?

Tottenham Hotspur seemed to clear up all the Antonio Conte divisions from Italy.

However, the set-piece coach,온라인카지노 who played an important part in scoring the team, was left behind.

Reporter Ales Dier Gold of British media Football London said on his social media on the 25th (Korean time) that all Italian coaches seemed to be leaving after coach Stellini was sacked, but only coach Gianni Pio would remain at Tottenham. 

“Not all Italian coaches are leaving Tottenham. Yesterday’s idea was for all coaches to leave the team as per the statement, but today, set-piece attacking coach Bio set-piece remains to assist Ryan Mason,” Gold said. 

Tottenham lost 1-6 against Newcastle. A crushing defeat was also a big loss, but in a big game, a sudden back 4 switch and rookie Pape Matar Sar as a holding midfielder completely collapsed and suffered a disaster of conceding 5 runs in just 21 minutes. 

Chairman Daniel Levy said in a statement the next day, “Stellini is stepping down along with the current coaching staff. . 

However, Tottenham did not miss one of the best things this season, the set-piece score. Tottenham scored the most goals in the league this season with 14 set pieces.

Coach Bio played a big role. Coach Bio, who joined last summer, is well-known for having thousands of set-piece scenarios. 

Coach Pio is also well known as a coach who contributed greatly to Italy’s UEFA (European Football Confederation) Euro 2020 victory. 

In the 2018/19 season, Mauricio Pochettino scored 16 goals from set pieces to rank second in the league, and then scored the most from set pieces. 

In his personal opinion, De predicted, “Coach Pio joined the coaching staff late and has not been with Conte’s division. He is technically independent. He will be the experienced person Mason will ask for.” 

First of all, Tottenham must prepare for the next game with Mason’s agency system. Mason, who has acting experience two seasons ago, but still has little managerial experience, will have an important confrontation with Manchester United at home at 4:15 am on the 28th in the 33rd round of the league. 

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