Although the All-Star threshold is high…’ML Defense Captain’ Kim Ha-seong’s value is fully recognized

Is the ‘Feast of the Stars’ allowed for Ha-seong Kim (28) of the San Diego Padres? Still, the fact that he is being mentioned as an all-star player shows the status of Kim Ha-seong.메이저놀이터

On the 13th (Korean time), the Major League Secretariat released the results of the first round of Major League All-Star fan voting. Kim Ha-seong ran for the National League second baseman category and finished ninth with 82,879 votes. Miami Marlins second baseman Luis Araez, who had a batting average of .400, is first in the National League second baseman category.

Currently, Kim Ha-seong has a batting average of 2.34 (46 hits in 197 bats), 5 homers, 20 RBIs, and an OPS of .692. He is also an offense, but he is showing a high contribution in defense. He often leaves highlight films with his splendid play, but he also has a substantial body.

As you can see, the defensive index is also the best in the major leagues. OAA (Outs Above Average), the number of outcounts against average, is recording +6, and DRS (Defensive Run Saved), the number of points prevented by the defense, +10. OAA ranked 2nd overall and DRS ranked 1st overall. Not only second baseman, but also the versatility of going to and from all positions in the infield, such as third baseman and shortstop, further enhances the value of Kim Ha-seong.

However, his splendor and substantiality in defense have not captivated fans. In addition, San Diego’s poor performance is one of the reasons why fans cannot keep up. Contrary to their splendid off-season moves, San Diego is 33-34 and 4th in the National League West.

Nevertheless, there are those who still recognize the value of Kim Ha-sung in the major leagues. On the 15th (Korean time), mentioned 10 players who deserve to be selected as All-Stars. The media said, ‘It is an eternal honor to be selected as an All-Star. “If you are selected as an All-Star, you can call yourself an All-Star forever.”

The 10 people mentioned by the media include outfielder Randy Arozarena, infielder Yandy Diaz (above Tampa Bay), pitcher Alex Cobb (San Francisco), pitcher Jack Callan (Arizona), outfielder Kevin Kiermeyer (Toronto), catcher Sean Murphy (Atlanta), and outfielder Brandon Nemo (New York Mets), outfielder Lewis Robert Jr. (Chicago White Sox), catcher Will Smith (Dodgers), and designated hitter Jorge Solaire (Maimi) were selected.

And the name of Kim Ha-seong was also mentioned in the list of players who were not included in these 10 but were mentioned as extras. The overall view in the US is that Ha-seong Kim is also performing well enough to be mentioned as an All-Star and is valuable. Will we be able to see Kim Ha-seong stepping on the all-star stage as a manager’s recommended player, even if it is not selected by fan voting?

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