As much as a luxury watch, the performance is also a luxury! Lee Kwan-hee’s watch keeps going 

 “My wrist watch is a genuine Rolex. I want you to know now.”

Rolex is a luxury watch brand. As much as his unique confidence, the performance of the day was also a ‘luxury’.

LG beat SK 75-72 in the 4th round of the 2022-23 SKT Adot Pro Basketball regular league held at Jamsil Student Gymnasium on the 1st.

It was a great victory in enemy territory. They trailed by 17 points until the first quarter, but finally made it through by making a turnaround at the end of the fourth quarter. With this victory, LG secured 2nd place in the league and sprinted for 3 consecutive wins.

The performance of guard Lee Gwan-hee (35) stood out. Lee Kwan-hee scored 20 points, the most on the team that day. In particular, the buzzer beater Lee Kwan-hee succeeded in the middle right at the end of the second quarter was decisive. After this score, the atmosphere leaned towards LG.

After succeeding in the buzzer beater, Lee Kwan-hee performed a unique ‘clock ceremony’ pointing to his left wrist. It was a ceremony to LG coach Cho Sang-hyeon in the sense of ‘please don’t leave me out in the 4th quarter’, but on this day, it was shown from the 2nd quarter. 바카라

At the post-game press conference, Lee Gwan-hee said, “I thought it was an important game because if I lost today, it would be a hassle (in the ranking competition). I struggled in the beginning, but it went as I thought.”

Regarding the ‘clock ceremony’, Lee Gwan-hee said, “I was preparing to take out the watch today because I couldn’t show it in the previous two games.” . I wanted to take it out three times, but I was only able to take it out twice today.”

Lee Kwan-hee committed the 4th foul while trying to block Kim Seon-hyung in the 3rd quarter, and got into foul trouble early on. Lee Gwan-hee said, “I expected to have a foul trouble, but I couldn’t help it because I felt like the atmosphere would go over if I gave Kim Seon-hyung a quick attack.” He thinks it is a foul that can be exchanged for scoring,” he said.

Head coach Cho Sang-hyun, who sat in front of reporters earlier, pointed out that the players were passive in shooting in the locker room after the first half and strongly criticized, “Don’t do it if you are not confident.” Lee Kwan-hee said, “(The director) wasn’t talking about me. That’s what other players said. Jeong In-deok and others were suppressed by the opponent’s spirit in the outskirts. I hope those players learn from me,” he said with a characteristic confident smile.

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