Baek Gyeong-yeol, general manager of the Gyeonggi Provincial Winter Paralympic Games, “recovered the top without fail after overcoming bad news”

“We will spare no support so that the players of the provincial team can enjoy the competition in good faith and fully demonstrate their skills.”

Head coach Gyeong-yeol Baek (Secretary General of the Provincial Sports Association for the Disabled), who will lead 200 athletes to participate in the 20th National Winter Paralympic Games, announced on the 10th that he would overcome various negative factors and regain the overall championship in four years.

General manager Baek said, “Last year, I was left with a runner-up finish. Therefore, this time, we quickly and efficiently promoted support such as player selection, recruitment of excellent players, and strengthening training, and the preparations for the competition were completed without any problems.”

Director Baek also expressed regret over ice hockey not participating due to conflicts between the association and some players. He said, “It is very unfortunate that ice hockey will not be able to participate, and it is a big blow in terms of power. He made many efforts, such as trying to talk and mediate at the office level, but in the end, he was unable to narrow the differences. We will try to find a way to solve the problem in the future so that it can be normalized.” 안전놀이터

In addition, General Manager Paik said, “Seoul, a competitive city, has strengthened its power by recruiting excellent players, and the checks of other cities and provinces, such as Gangwon-do, cannot be ignored.” Group networks were strengthened, full-time leaders were assigned, and wheelchair curling and workplace exercise clubs were established to strengthen their strength. It is expected that the road to the overall victory will be difficult due to several bad factors, but I will do my best until the end.”

Finally, General Manager Baek said, “I know that the winter sports field has shrunk greatly over the past three years due to Corona 19, and disabled athletes and officials are very concerned. The Sports Association will carefully examine each and every one of them so that they can achieve good results in this competition. In addition, I ask sports organizations to make every effort to manage injuries, quarantine, and personal hygiene for a safe tournament.”

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