‘Best golfer’ with good MBTI… “I want to resemble personality and concentration”

Kim Hyo-joo (28, left) is among the genealogy of Korean signboard players on the LPGA tour, which started with Pak Se-ri (46, right). Kim Hyo-joo, who already won the Korea and Japan professional golf tours at the age of 17, has moved to the US stage with the 2014 Evian Championship victory.

She met Pak Se-ri, the legend of 25 victories on the LPGA Tour, and Kim Hyo-joo, the main player of the LPGA Korean Legion, at a recent shooting site. The two became very close after the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. Kim Hyo-joo said, “At the Olympics, the women’s national golf team players called coach Pak Se-ri ‘Captain’, and I was the first to call her that way. I still call him Captain,” she said. “Every other player had their manager or family follow them to Tokyo, but I was the only one who went alone. So I think the captain took good care of me.”

Come to think of it, the two fit well with the MBTI (personality type test). ISFJ (Pak Se-ri), who is described as a brave protector and practical helper, and ESFP (Kim Hyo-joo), who is interpreted as a free-spirited entertainer and superstar, are said to be personality types that communicate very well. Kim Hyo-joo once appeared in a TV entertainment program dealing with Pak Se-ri’s daily life.

When the Olympics was mentioned, both smiled with regret. Korea, which had high hopes for a gold medal, ended up with no medals. Pak Se-ri said, “A lot has changed since the 2016 Rio Olympics. In addition to Korea, the US and Japan, the traditional strong players, the skills of players from many countries have improved remarkably. The result was disappointing, but we had a good time communicating and relying on each other, and it was an honor as a director.” When asked if he would have to participate in the Olympics as a coach once more and blow away his regrets in Paris next year, he said, “I don’t know yet. I think there are many other people who are motivated.” Kim Hyo-joo said, “It would be a lie if I said there was no pressure. It was actually my first Olympics, so the burden was really great,” he said.

Both Kim Hyo-joo and Pak Se-ri are facing a new challenge this year. First, Kim Hyo-joo set the goal of winning the LPGA Tour event for three consecutive years and winning the most, and winning a major for the first time in nine years. The most important thing for this is still stamina. Kim Hyo-joo decided three years ago, gained weight, and increased muscle mass through exercise, and saw the effect of increasing the distance up to 15m. He ate four to five meals a day and was obsessed with lower body exercises, and his pants were no longer worn. When asked if he was exercising like that time again, Kim Hyo-joo said, “It’s a similar intensity. It’s harder to maintain, so I can’t stop exercising. The keyword for preparation for this season can also be seen as ‘bulking up’.” Kim Hyo-joo, who started the new season with Ladies European Tour (LET) Aramco Saudi Ladies International, is planning to make Honda Thailand, which opens in Thailand on the 23rd, her first LPGA tour event. 카지노사이트

Pak Se-ri starts the business of nurturing dreamers in earnest. He said, “I envisioned an academy where golf and study can be combined,” and said that he was in the process of looking for a site in Yongin, where golf courses are gathered. He explained, “I am drawing a big picture while examining what I can do,” such as planning to hold a named professional tournament.

When asked what they covet in each other, Pak Se-ri said that she wanted to resemble Kim Hyo-joo’s personality. “When I was a player, I think I would have set more records if I had been a person like Kim Hyo-joo now and had a relaxed mind. Hyo-joo is positive, has strong momentum, and has a good friendship.” Pak Se-ri said, “I thought she was very introverted, but when I saw her at the Olympics, it was the complete opposite.” Kim Hyo-joo was shy, saying, “Actually, I’m not very driven, but I’m too spontaneous.” “The captain is a legend, so I covet all of them, but I especially want to have the desire to win and a high degree of concentration that made it possible to win overtime.” Pak Se-ri left a record of 6 victories in overtime during his active career.

He also asked a strange question to Pak Se-ri, who is loved on the air for being ‘sincere’ about food. Whether you pour sauce on sweet and sour pork (bu-muk) or dip it (dip-meok), whether you eat sundaeguk directly with rice or separately and then roll it, whether you bake bacon as crispy or soft like a cookie, and whether you pour cereal first or milk first. Pak Se-ri replied in one second, “I take a picture, the soup is different every time, the bacon is crispy, and the cereal is milk later.” When asked what food he would eat before he died, he answered even faster. “No, before I die, why do I have to eat only one thing? Even if you can’t eat it all, you should put as much (on the table) as possible!”

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