‘Brown + Brogdon 48-point joint venture’ Boston wins Philadelphia by 34 points

The Boston Celtics beat the Philadelphia 76ers with perfect team basketball and tied the second round of the Eastern Conference Playoffs (PO).

Boston won 119-85 in the second round of the 2nd round of the 2023 National Basketball Association (NBA) Eastern PO held at TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts, USA on the 4th (Korean time).

Boston,온라인카지노 who took revenge for the loss in Game 1, made the series 1 win and 1 loss.

Boston’s signature player Jayson Tatum only scored 7 points, but Jaylen Brown scored 25 points and Malcolm Brogdon scored 23 points to bring victory. In particular, he scored a whopping 20 three-pointers, overwhelmingly ahead of the outer fight against Philadelphia.

In Philadelphia, Tobias Harris scored 16 points and Joel Embiid scored 15 points, but the team made only six 3-pointers, making it difficult to pursue.

At the beginning of the first quarter, Philadelphia wanted to catch the flow for a while, but from the middle, it flowed into the atmosphere of Boston.

Brown’s shot split the rim in succession, and Brogdon and Marcus Smart fired support from the perimeter.

Boston, which consistently displayed firepower, finished the first half 57-49.

Boston did not let go of the reins after that and seized the victory from the third quarter. While Philadelphia suffered from severe shot hunting at the beginning of the third quarter, Brown’s scoring continued, and Smart caused the opponent’s turnover on defense.

Boston finished the third quarter with a 92-65 lead as the bench members who were brought in after the middle of the third quarter also showed off their firepower.

Even in the fourth quarter, the flow did not change. Boston did not take out key players until the middle of the 4th quarter to ensure victory, and continued to shoot 3-pointers to break the opponent’s will to pursue.

In the end, Boston won by 34 points and balanced it.

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