Can’t ‘control anger’… Valverde, Lee Kang-in’s ‘murder tackle’ reason “angry”

Federico Valverde, who made Lee Kang-in frown by successive murder tackles, explained this.

Valverde attended a press conference ahead of the match against Al Ahli (Egypt) at the Prince Mullai Abdela Stadium in Rabat, Morocco on the 7th (Korean time). 

Real Madrid will play the 2023 FIFA (International Football Federation) Club World Cup semifinal match against Al Ahli at the same place at 4 am on the 9th. 

Valverde makes his second appearance at the Club World Cup. He had participated in the last 2018 competition and won the Club World Cup.

“The Club World Cup was the first tournament I won. It was very special to me. It was a tournament that meant a lot to my career,” he said. “It was a very good title and the road to victory was even more special. “It’s at the end of the year after winning the league title. I enjoy every moment at Real Madrid and I will enjoy this competition.” 

Valverde has recently been at the center of controversy with strong tackles against Lee Kang-in.

In the Mallorca away match held at Estadi Son Moaix on the 5th, Valverde made a very rough tackle on Lee Kang-in in the 18th minute of the second half when he was trailing 0-1, and Valverde received a warning.  스포츠토토

This is not the first time Valverde has acted like this. In the first leg of the Group H match between Korea and Uruguay at the 2022 Qatar World Cup held on November 24 last year, Valverde made a rough back tackle on Lee Kang-in, who was trying to counterattack, and was criticized for reacting strongly afterwards. 

“It’s not easy when the results aren’t good and personal feelings arise,” Valverde said of his recent reaction. “And then I get angry. Even against Atlético Madrid, I left the pitch sad and angry. All footballers want to win.”

“It was the same with Mallorca. I like playing full-time and winning. I’m a very competitive player. I have to win. Not getting the results I want makes me angry.”

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