Chelsea’s FW ‘the first league champion in her life’ → Chelsea ranked 11th in the EPL, what happened? → Recognized as a member of the Barça championship who played 8 minutes… Receives a medal

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, who played for Barcelona, ​​wore a Chelsea uniform on the last day of the summer transfer window on September 2 last year.

In September of last year,안전놀이터 Chelsea said, “We signed a two-year contract with Aubameyang. He is the 6th recruit in this transfer window. He has been given the number 9 uniform number.” Chelsea paid Barcelona £12m (approximately 19 billion won) to sign Aubameyang.

Aubameyang was unlucky after moving to Chelsea. The reason he moved to Chelsea was because of manager Thomas Tuchel. He was a priest in Dortmund, Germany. However, less than a week after the transfer, Tuchel was fired. After Graham Porter took over, Aubameyang was in a bad mood.

The shocking thing happened in February last year. Porter officially announced the signing of Enzo Fernandez (22) through his website on February 2nd. Then, instead of adding him to the UEFA Champions League roster, they left Aubameyang out.

Aubameyang, who was almost excluded from his power at Chelsea, is known to leave Chelsea during the transfer window this summer. Aubameyang, who had a really unfortunate day after transferring to Chelsea, recently received unexpected news. It means that Obermeyang won the championship. What nonsense is this?

According to an article by The Sun on the 16th, Aubameyang became a winning member of his former team, Barcelona. Barcelona won 4-2 in the 2022-23 La Liga round 34 away match against Espanyol held in Barcelona, ​​Spain on the 15th, early confirming this season’s La Liga championship.

According to The Sun, Aubameyang has only played eight minutes in a game for Barcelona this season. However, he was recognized as a member of the Barcelona winning team.

The game Aubameyang played was Barcelona’s opening match of the season. Barcelona played its first match at home against Vallecano on August 14 last year. The match was a 0-0 draw.

Aubameyang, who could not start in the match, was replaced in the 37th minute of the second half and stepped on the ground. As the game went scoreless, Barcelona coach Xavi replaced Jordi Alba with Aubameyang. As such, he only played 8 minutes in the opening match. Afterwards, Barcelona played two more matches, but Xavi did not play Aubameyang any more and eventually transferred to Chelsea.

This eight-minute run gave Aubameyang his first league title since his professional debut in 2008. Aubameyang also won Dortmund and Arsenal, but it was a cup competition. The league has never been won.

It is the rules of La Liga that gave Aubameyang the honor of winning his first league title. In fact, in the English Premier League, you need to play at least five league games to be part of a winning team. But in La Liga, there is no such rule. The Sun’s report is that you can become a winning member if you just have a game attendance record.

Meanwhile, Aubameyang, who moved to Chelsea, scored three goals in 21 appearances for Chelsea. On the other hand, Aubameyang, who moved to Barcelona mid-season from Arsenal last season, scored 11 goals in 17 appearances in La Liga.

[Aubameyang wearing a Chelsea uniform, but became a winning member of Barcelona.

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