Cho Kyu-sung’s ransom price rose to 4.5 billion… Is it cheap or is it worth it?

There is a lot of controversy over the transfer fee of Cho Kyu-seong, who wants to advance to Europe.

However, as he first announced his true value at the World Cup in Qatar, Celtic’s £3 million (approximately 4.5 billion won), the biggest club that wants him, does not seem to be a small amount in the European transfer market.

This is especially true when considering the transfer fees of Japanese players that Celtic has recently joined.

On the 8th, British Sky Sports said, “Celtic set a transfer fee of 3 million pounds for Cho Kyu-sung.” “The German Bundesliga Mainz also made an offer to Cho Kyu-sung, but prepared an amount that was not higher than Celtic’s offer. Hungary Ferenczva Shido wants Cho Gyu-seong, but he hasn’t made an offer yet.”

Initially, Celtic proposed a transfer fee of about 2.2 million pounds (3.3 billion won) to Cho Kyu-sung’s current team, Jeonbuk. Subsequently, Mainz set aside 3.8 billion won to join the recruitment of Cho Kyu-sung, and Celtic’s £3 million reported by Sky Sports is about 40% higher than the previous offer and more than Mainz.

Celtic is actively moving Giorgos Giacumakis, a Greek striker who scored 19 goals in 40 matches for a year and a half.

In addition to this, Japanese striker Daizen Maeda, who became the main striker this season, is also highly likely to move the team after receiving a love call from Southampton in the English Premier League.

It is believed that it will be possible to secure enough funds to recruit Cho Kyu-sung through the transfer fees of the two players.

In Mainz, strikers such as Karim Onisiwo and Marcus Ingvartsen are sluggish, and Onisiwo is injured, so he desperately needs reinforcements.

However, according to the German Kicker magazine, the club’s finances turned out to be somewhat tight.

In this situation, a controversy arose that the ransom price of Cho Kyu-sung set by European clubs was ‘low price’.

Considering the characteristics of the European transfer market, which far exceeds 10 to 20 billion won, it can be said that the striker who scored two goals in the World Cup was underestimated, but there are counterarguments that the amount offered by Celtic and others is by no means small.

In the case of Celtic, it is necessary to refer to the transfer fees when Japanese players of the same East Asians recently joined.

According to British media, the highest transfer fee among Japanese players is striker Kyogo Furuhashi, who has scored 15 goals this season and is the leading scorer in the Scottish Premier League, for £4.5 million (approx. 6.7 billion).

In the case of Furuhashi, he scored 37 goals in the J-League in 2 years and 6 months before coming to Celtic, and as the Japanese national team was in the midst of soaring stock prices, the transfer fee was rather generous.

However, considering Maeda and Leo Hatate, Cho Kyu-sung’s transfer fee seems to be not small.

Maeda was loaned to Celtic from Marinos in Yokohama, Japan for a year, and then transferred completely last summer. Combined, the rent paid by Celtic to Yokohama when it goes out on loan in 2021 falls short of the £3m Celtic have reportedly offered for Kyu-Sung Cho. 안전놀이터

Hatate was less than this, and when he came to Celtic from Kawasaki Frontale early last year, the transfer fee was 1 million pounds (approximately 1.6 billion won).

Yosuke Ideguchi, who is playing as a substitute for Celtic, is known to be worth £850,000, and Kobayashi, who came to Celtic from Kobe two months ago, is worth £500,000.

Meanwhile, Mainz is a typical mid-lower team in Germany, and the club’s highest transfer fee has never exceeded 10 million euros (approximately 13 billion won).

Considering that Cho Kyu-sung is a player with no European experience, the transfer fee of 3 million euros can be said to be a reasonable amount.

When Mainz recruited Korean players such as Dong-Won Ji, Ja-Cheol Koo, and Jae-Sung Lee, they took them at a reasonable transfer fee.

Attention is focusing on whether Cho Kyu-sung will be able to go to Europe through the winter transfer market in a situation where transfer fees for European clubs are steadily rising.

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