‘Choi Hyun-min leaves’ coach Kim Seung-gi “It’s a tough situation, I have to shoot… ”

Carrot, who is struggling in the middle ranks, is in crisis. Hyunmin Choi will be away for the time being.

Goyang Carrot will have an away game in the 2022-2023 SKT Adot Professional Basketball regular league against Ulsan Hyundai Mobis at Ulsan Dongchun Gymnasium on the 4th.

Carrot won all four matches against Hyundai Mobis this season. The only team that Hyundai Mobis couldn’t win is Carrot. However, in the 5th round face-to-face match, bad news arose. Hyunmin Choi is out due to an ankle injury.

Manager Kim Seung-gi, who predicted Choi Hyeon-min, saying, “He may return in March,” also left an evaluation of guards such as Kim Jin-yu and Lee Jung-hyun who should lead the future of the team. 온라인카지노

Choi Hyun- min Injury He
recently injured his ankle. He was diagnosed 3 weeks ago and may return in March. (Choi) Hyun-min is needed to beat Hyundai Mobis, which is unfortunate. (Lee) Jeong-hyeon is also in a difficult situation because his stamina is low. He could only win if his shot exploded… .

Kim Jin-yu
Performance Like (Moon) Seong-gon, he is a player who has to work hard and succeed by throwing 3-pointers when he gets a chance. He was doing great, but recently he said, “Why are you back to the old days? He reprimanded, “He passes to anyone.” I wish he would have thrown with more confidence in his chances. It’s not a shot that won’t go in, so I’m telling you to throw it. Even if I don’t go in, I don’t even say anything.

Lee Jung- hyun Condition
: He is still playing college basketball. He has the ball 24 full seconds. I’m sorry for the grit. Still, he will continue to be a starter until the end of the season. I also talked about it beforehand.

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