Choi Ji-man, who became the oldest member of the pirate corps, “will inject fighting spirit into the team”

 I left the Tampa Bay Race, where I stayed for a long time. He received a sudden trade notice, but he is full of excitement ahead of a new challenge. Choi Ji-man (32) pledged to do well in the Pittsburgh Pirates as well.

Choi Ji-man moved the team again this winter. Choi Ji-man, who moved to the United States in 2009. He made his big league debut with the Los Angeles Angels in 2016 and became a regular first baseman with the New York Yankees, Milwaukee Brewers and Tampa Bay. He played for Tampa Bay for five years from 2018 to 2022, becoming the first Korean fielder to even step on the World Series stage.

However, Tampa Bay and Choi Ji-man’s companionship ended. Because he was traded to Pittsburgh. Choi Ji-man, facing a major change ahead of his FA qualification. He met Spotify News and listened to his honest feelings.

Choi Ji-man, who was preparing to return to Korea after the season. The day before his departure, I heard the news of the trade. Choi Ji-man, who was working out at the training center, received a phone call from his agent. Because the usually playful agent’s voice was quite sincere, Choi Ji-man sensed a change in his identity.

Choi Ji-man said, “I was working out, but the phone kept ringing. I always jokingly exchanged calls with my agent, but he was quite serious. I heard about the trade. When I heard about Pittsburgh, I thought, ‘It’s not bad.’ I’m a veteran in Pittsburgh. I thought I would now have two lockers,” he said happily when he heard the news of the transfer. 온라인바카라

To Choi Ji-man, who has been playing for the American League all along, Pittsburgh, which belongs to the National League, is somewhat unfamiliar. He doesn’t have many head-to-head matches, and he’s never played at Pittsburgh’s home stadium, PNC Park. It was a short moment, but Choi Ji-man said that he felt the vitality of the young players while playing against Pittsburgh. Choi Ji-man said, “Pittsburgh is an unfamiliar team. I played a game this year, but I haven’t been to PNC Park yet. Still, I felt that it was a team where the atmosphere could rise.”

Most of the players in Pittsburgh are inexperienced yet. A veteran presence was needed to hold the center, and Choi Ji-man is expected to take on that role. Choi Ji-man said, “The atmosphere is maintained by the players. It’s not something the coaching staff can do. We need veterans. Coach Derek Shelton also asked me to keep the team centered. I don’t have leadership. I think I just have to fight hard. “He promised to lead the players in Pittsburgh.

He also revealed his expectations for Pittsburgh by reflecting his experience in Tampa Bay. Tampa Bay is also dominated by young players. As the players grew, Tampa Bay established itself as a regular postseason customer. Choi Ji-man’s opinion is that Pittsburgh is also highly likely to be reborn as a strong team. He said, “Even in 2018, when I first joined, Tampa Bay had a lot of unknown players. It’s different now. Those players have grown and advanced to the postseason. Pittsburgh is the same. I think it will be a good team if seniors lead juniors well. “he said.

Choi Ji-man is now sharing a meal with another Korean major leaguer, Bae Ji-hwan. He said, “I’ve had meals with Jihwan since before. Although he’s still young, I felt like a strong friend. This year’s performance was good. He’s one of the most anticipated players on our team. It’s nice to have two Korean players playing on the same team. I think there is definitely something to learn from him. I think there will probably be a synergistic effect.”

Lastly, Choi Ji-man said, “I will become a player who contributes to the team. Then I try to become a leader. Then, I believe that the team’s performance will improve. Last year, Pittsburgh lost 100 times. With 70 wins and 80 wins, the team’s performance will improve little by little. I believe it will get better. I will focus on winning every day,” he promised to do well in Pittsburgh.

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