Controversial referee who gave Kim Min-jae a warning, eventually ‘discipline’, can’t blow the whistle in the remaining season European competition 

Italian media reported that referee Istvan Covas, who caused controversy over the decision in the match between AC Milan and Napoli on the 13th, was punished by the European Football Federation (UEFA) and could not oversee the European club competition for the rest of the season. did.

‘Football Italia’ reported, citing Italian journalist Luca Sercione, 메이저사이트that “UEFA has decided that Covas will not play European matches for the rest of the season because of the match in which Milan beat Napoli.” Milan won 1-0 on the day thanks to Benacer’s opening goal.

According to Football Italia, referee Covas made a controversial decision during the Champions League quarter-final first leg between the two teams at San Siro. “Raphael Leão was not booked for destroying a corner flag, Andre-Frank Jambo Angusha was sent off with two yellow cards, and Kim Min-jae was suspended for the second leg after receiving a disputed yellow card. “Milan are also unhappy about not winning a penalty.”

Napoli and Milan will play the second leg of the quarterfinals at Stadio Diego Armando Maradona, Napoli’s home stadium, on the 19th.

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