Daniel Kang, leading solo with storm buddy show even in heavy rain… Kim Hyo-joo tied for second place

While the second round of the LPGA Tour HSBC Women’s World Championship was disrupted by bad weather, Daniel Kang, a Korean-American, performed a stormy birdie show and rose to the sole lead. Kim Hyo-joo, the winner of the 2021 competition, rose to a tie for second place, and Ko Jin-young showed off a performance worthy of a defending champion and gave the green light to defending the title.

At Sentosa Golf Club (par 72) in Singapore, where the tournament will be held, it rained heavily from before the opening and there was a rain forecast throughout the tournament. On this day (3rd), it also rained heavily from the morning, so the game started about 1 hour and 15 minutes late. After that, it seemed to become more frequent, but in the afternoon, as the rain intensified, at 12:20 p.m., the LPGA Tournament Commissioner sounded the horn announcing the suspension of the game. The players returned to the clubhouse to wait for the game or to visit the practice field. The officials resumed the game at 3:45 pm after 3 hours and 25 minutes.

Even in inclement weather, Daniel River’s birdie march did not stop. Daniel Kang drove 5 birdies in 10 holes before the game was stopped, raising the ranking to second place alone, and even after the game resumed, after 3 consecutive birdies in holes 12-14, another stroke in hole 16 (par 5) I finished 9 under par. It was a flawless play. With a total of 10 under par in rounds 1 and 2, Daniel Kang etched his name at the top of his leaderboard. However, it was one stroke short of the tournament course record (Kim Se-young 10 under par), leaving a regret.

With 12 Korean players participating, Kim Hyo-joo, the winner of the 2021 tournament, cut 5 strokes that day to rise to a tie for second place with an intermediate total of 9 under par. 6 birdies with 1 bogey. He will challenge for a come-from-behind championship for the remaining two days with only one stroke difference with leader Daniel Kang. 스포츠토토

Ko Jin-young, who started defending the title, succeeded in reversing the atmosphere by driving three consecutive birdies in the first half from holes 12 to 14. Ko Jin-young, who resumed the game from the 15th hole in the first half, exchanged a birdie on the 16th hole (par 5) and a bogey on the 17th hole (par 3), then continued the momentum with consecutive birdies on the 1st and 2nd holes in the second half. Ko Jin-young, who reduced one stroke each on the 4th hole (par 3) and the 8th hole (par 5), recorded a 7 under par and tied for 8th place (7 under par).

Lee Jeong-eun 6 tied for 13th place with an interim total of 6 under par, while Jeon In-ji, Ji Eun-hee, and Choi Woon-jeong tied for 16th with an interim total of 5 under par.

Elizabeth Sokol (USA), who took the lead by surprise on the first day of the tournament, only reduced one stroke that day and went down to tied for second place (8 under par). JTBC Golf will broadcast the third round of the tournament live from 10:15 am on the 4th.

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