Delayed return to the 1st team, when will ‘Healthy Gu Chang-mo’

‘Healthy Gu Chang-mo’ is like a kind of long-cherished wish. As long as you are healthy, you can be called the league ace, but that health is a problem. He has already entered his 9th year as a professional, and although he won 10 wins twice in the season, he has never filled the required innings (144 innings). Big and small injuries caught my ankle.메이저사이트

The return of Gu Chang-mo, who was canceled from the first-team entry due to accumulated fatigue on the 18th, is slowing down. It’s because his condition hasn’t improved enough to satisfy himself. Fortunately, he has no major injuries.

Originally, Koo Chang-mo was scheduled to start against Changwon Doosan on the 30th, but it was canceled as his return to the first team was delayed. On this day, Chang-mo Koo will digest bullpen pitching in the Futures League instead of starting for the first team. Foreigner pitcher Taylor Widener, who suffered a herniated disc injury before the start of the season, will be on the starting mound in place of Koo Chang-mo.

As the match against Doosan failed, the confrontation with Yang Eui-ji, who had been with NC for the past four seasons, was also postponed. Koo Chang-mo said, “If I meet players who transferred like (Roh) Jin-hyeok hyung or (Na) Seong-beom hyung, I want to catch them unconditionally. (Yang) Eui-ji is also the same,” he said, strengthening his will. Koo Chang-mo, Noh Jin-hyuk, Na Seong-beom, and Yang Eui-ji were the main players who led NC to win the first Korean Series in the 2020 season, but except for Koo Chang-mo, they transferred to other teams in turn. Yang Eui-ji is particularly special to Gu Chang-mo in that he has teamed up with the winning battery. It was Gu Chang-mo who said, “I want to deal with senior Willie as I have learned.”

While Koo Chang-mo left, the NC starters performed better than expected. Choi Sung-young and Lee Jae-hak, who came up one after another from the Futures League, filled the void of Gu Chang-mo. Choi Seong-young won his first start in 1018 days, blocking 5 innings with 1 run against Lotte on the 24th, and veteran starter Lee Jae-hak also played well in 2 matches against Samsung on the 21st and against Hanwha on the 27th, totaling 12 innings and 3 runs (2 earned). .

However, in order for NC to continue fighting for the middle rank, Chang-mo Gu’s performance is absolutely necessary. Right now, there is no clear starting card in NC other than Eric Peddy. Rookie Lee Yong-joon, who was a good pitcher, showed difficulty in the last two appearances and was knocked out early, and Choi Seong-young and Lee Jae-hak are just starting out as first team starters. Song Myeong-ki and Shin Min-hyeok are being readjusted in the Futures League. It is yet to be seen how powerful Widener will be, ahead of his first appearance of the season.

NC is continuing careful management by delaying the call-up of Gu Chang-mo even in the fierce competition for rankings right now. While giving enough rest, he expects Gu Chang-mo to throw like an ace until the end of the season. Koo Chang-mo is also desperate for his first regular innings goal in his life. He said, “Can’t you proudly say that you are a starting pitcher only when you fill the required innings?” Both the club and the player themselves are expecting Koo Chang-mo’s break, which is taking longer than expected, to be ‘one step back for two steps forward’.

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