Despite the possibility of Argentina going to China… The Chinese national team is ‘Myanmar’

 It is very likely that the Chinese national soccer team will not play against the Argentine national team, which is likely to visit the country. It’s like China’s ‘Argentina passing’.

The Chinese national team is shouting 토스카지노‘Myan’ instead of ‘Sorry’. This is because the friendly match against Myanmar has been officially announced. On the 16th, the Myanmar Football Association reported on the friendly match against China through official SNS. The friendly match will be on June 16th. 

This made it virtually impossible for the Chinese national soccer team, which had completed its A-match schedule, to play against Argentina, who will be visiting China during that period.

Reporting on the Argentina-Australia match, which was highly likely to take place in China on the 10th, this magazine said, ‘There is little chance of China’s evaluation match with Argentina’.

Du Zhaocai, secretary of the Chinese Football Association’s party committee, said, “We are preparing at our own pace, and there is no need for a warm-up match with Argentina,” Chinese media Sina Sports reported. It was not an official announcement at the time, but it was because there was a possibility of a friendly match against Myanmar.

As a result, all the schedules for China’s friendly matches, which had been transmitted as ‘guess’, became a fait accompli. After playing against Myanmar on June 16, having another evaluation match against Palestine on the 20th.

As of April 2023, Myanmar, ranked 160th, the first opponent of China, ranked 81st in the FIFA ranking, is a weakling with a difference of about twice the FIFA ranking. Of course, at the 2022 AFF Mitsubishi Cup, where Vietnam, which gave China a defeat, participated, it was eliminated with a draw, 1 draw and 3 losses.

Palestine, ranked 93rd, has a similar ranking to China. It can be said that it is a suitable practice opponent for China, which has not had an official match for a while.

Local media are scrambling to report that Argentina is also highly likely to play an evaluation match against Australia in June. The stadium is the National Stadium located in Beijing, China

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