“Directors are not stupid” Richarlison’s ‘standing ovation’, but Conte’s ‘back end’ exploded

Richarlison, who openly complained about going to the bench, returned t 토토사이트 the starting lineup.

Richarlison started on the 12th (hereinafter Korean time) in the 27th round of the English Premier League (EPL) in the 2022-2023 season against Nottingham Forest held at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London, England. He stood in the top three with Son Heung-min and Harry Kane.

‘Controversy was power’. Richarlison stirred the ground with fierce momentum at the start of the match. He misfired as offside was declared, but shook the net in the third minute of the game.

He was involved in all three goals. He laid the foundation for Harry Kane’s opening goal in the 19th minute of the first half. His stake in destroying the right side was huge.

Also, in the 35th minute of the first half, Kane’s winning goal from a penalty kick was directed by Richarlison. Richarlison also assisted Son Heung-min’s key goal in the 17th minute of the second half, and Tottenham won 3-1.

He exploded after the second leg of the round of 16 of the European Champions League (UCL) against AC Milan (Italy) on the 9th. After being substituted, when advancing to the quarterfinals was frustrated, he said in an interview with Brazil’s TNT Sports, “I don’t understand. I’m playing well and I’m in good shape. I won two games against West Ham and Chelsea, but then coach Conte suddenly put me on the bench. He said, “I played only 5 minutes against Wolverhampton. I asked why, but he did not explain anything.”

Richarlison was the talk of the game against Nottingham. Antonio Conte, the head coach, said in a pre-press conference that he did not shoot himself, but “talked about his season”, but he did.

“If you talk about ‘me’ and not ‘we’, that’s selfish. I used to tell players that if we want to make something, to win, we have to talk about ‘we’ and not ‘me’. Hehe Charlison made a mistake and apologized. He came clean with the team in this regard.”

Even after the match against Nottingham, Richarlison was by far the top topic. However, there was no praise from Conte. He was satisfied with the aspiration, will and spirit of the team as a whole, not just the individual, he said. Next, Richarlison summarized the path he has walked this season. He pointed out the World Cup, injuries, and physical strength.

Conte then revealed his intentions. He said, “Coachs are not stupid. All coaches are not stupid enough to make the best 11 not to win. Son Heung-min, Kane, Richarlison, Moura, Kulusevski, Danjuma, whoever it is doesn’t matter. I want to win and At the same time, you have to take responsibility for making the best decisions.”

“Players want to play even when they’re tired. Then when they get injured, they just have to go outside and relax. But I’m under a lot of stress. It’s not fair,” Conte said. “A lot of times you think you have to play, but a strong team, a top team, needs 16, 17 or 18 good players to make the rotation. That’s how we can compete and lift the trophy.”

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