Dodgers’ big gun, who exploded with anger at the compensation decision, said, “Whether it’s a ball or a strike…What’s wrong with the referee?”

LA Dodgers’ big gun Max Muncy (33) was sent off while appealing to the referee’s ball decision. The inconsistent decision to compensate was firmly entrenched.

Muncy expressed dissatisfaction with the ball decision to referee Nick Lentz after striking out against Jack Flaherty in the fourth inning against the St. Louis Cardinals on the 22nd (Korea Standard Time).메이저놀이터

According to Game Day, the ball that came in low in the middle of the fourth pitch was judged to be the ball, and the fifth ball came in the same height outside. Both balls passed through the strike zone, with the first ball being the ball and the next being the strike being inconsistent.

Muncy, who felt confused, expressed his dissatisfaction. Muncy, who was entering the dugout, then pointed his bat at third base referee Paul Emmel, who was the referee the previous day, and pointed to the home plate. Eventually, he was sent off by referee Emmel.

According to local media, including the “LA Times,” Muncy said after the game, “The frustration accumulated throughout the weekend broke out. The previous ball came in almost the same position. It doesn’t matter whether the ball is a ball or a strike, but when the opposing catcher (Wilson Contreras) said it was a “horrible decision,” he gave the next ball a strike. I felt frustrated at that point. It happened all weekend,” he said. It was a complaint about inconsistent compensation decisions.

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From the time he struck out in the eighth inning of the game the previous day (21st), Muncy was dissatisfied with the referees’ ball decision. At that time, when referee Emmel struck out Ryan Helmsley’s low ball outside the fifth pitch as a strike, Muncy shook his head and threw his helmet off roughly. Muncy hit a home run on the first day of four consecutive away games in St. Louis, but struggled with one hit, one walk, and five strikeouts in four games with his only hit.

The Dodgers also finished four consecutive away games in St. Louis with one win and three losses, suffering from a losing series in almost a month. Dodgers manager Dave Roberts said, “The rookie series is not a pleasant thing. “It goes without saying that if it’s three out of four games,” he said, adding, “The ball decision of the previous day’s game. But it was the right decision for the referee to send off. “I can speak to the referee, but I deserved to be sent off for that to the referee yesterday,” he said.

Muncy also said in this part, “It was necessary to be a little wiser. I said what I had to say on the home plate. That’s the end, but that was too much for the third base referee,” he said, admitting his mistake.

“Geo4 Muncy, who has 159 home runs in his career, has a batting average of only .21 percent (30 hits in 143 at-bats) in 43 games this season, but he is showing a long-term performance with 15 home runs, 33 RBIs, and a slugging percentage of .538 OPS.894. Following Pete Alonso (New York Mets, 17 home runs), he is the second-largest home run in the Major League

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