‘Does he seem to want Lee Kang-in to leave soon?’ Coach Aguirre, “Experienced relegation after losing players before the season”

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‘Does he seem to want Lee Kang-in to leave soon?’ Coach Aguirre, “Experienced relegation after losing players before the season”메이저놀이터
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Director Javier Aguire seems to want Lee Kang-in’s future to be decided as soon as possible.

Mallorca will face off against Rayo Vallecano in the final match of the 2022-23 season Spanish La Liga held at Estadi Mallorca Son Moix located in Mallorca, Spain on the 5th at 1:30 am (Korean time). Mallorca is 12th with 47 points, while Vallecano is 10th with 49 points.

At a pre-game press conference held before the game, coach Aguirre first expressed his feelings about signing a renewal contract. On the 3rd, Mallorca officially announced on the club website that it had “agreed to renew the contract with manager Aguirre until June 30, 2024.”

It is a one-year contract. Regarding the renewal of the contract, manager Aguirre revealed the reason for signing the one-year renewal contract, saying, “I do not sign a contract for more than one year. There is no extension clause. If we are good and satisfied, we will continue.”

Then he brought up the story of Lee Kang-in. “Football can’t help but be surprised,” Aguirre said. “No one dares to say right now which team will be relegated tomorrow. In that sense, I have experience. I start the season preparing everything, but the day before the start, I take away a player. I’ve had this happen in Zaragoza and Leganes. If Lee Kang-in leaves or stays, I have to wait for something to happen. Like the other players, it’s not my responsibility and I have nothing to do with it.”

The situation that director Aguirre cited in the case of Leganes is as follows. Aguirre took over as manager of Leganes in the 2019-20 season. However, during the winter transfer window at the time, Youssef En Nesiri and Martin Braithwaite were transferred to Sevilla and Barcelona, ​​respectively, and the team’s attacking core was lost. In the end, Leganes could not avoid relegation.

Director Aguirre had no intention of repeating this situation. In the end, he rejected the other team’s offer for Lee Kang-in to prevent a similar case from occurring again in the transfer market last winter. In January, coach Aguirre said, “I told Lee Kang-in about his experience at Leganes. At that time, Nesiri and Braithwaite left the team in the winter. At the time, I used a 5-3-2 formation, with the two forward players The transfer was fatal. I told Lee Kang-in that I didn’t want to repeat that experience.”

In the end, Lee Kang-in could not leave the team in January. However, the upcoming summer transfer seems difficult to prevent. In this situation, coach Aguirre mentioned the days of Leganes again. It can be interpreted in many ways, but it seems to hope that Lee Kang-in’s future will be decided as soon as possible. This is because from the point of view of coach Aguirre, he has to sell Lee Kang-in and use the money he earned to reinforce players.

In Mallorca, Lee Kang-in’s departure from the team is already a known fact. Mallorca’s general manager Pablo Ortels said on the Spanish radio ‘Onda Sero’ on the 1st, “We decided to export Lee Kang-in this summer. We will sell him and recruit 6-7 players for the transfer fee.”

Atletico Madrid is the strongest destination. Spain’s ‘OK Diario’ said on the 2nd, “Atletico delivered the first official proposal for Lee Kang-in to Mallorca. The first offer includes money and players. Lee Kang-in’s release clause is 25 million euros (approximately 35 billion won). “His departure will mean the departure of Tomar Lema.”

“Atlético is in a hurry to recruit Lee Kang-in to block the offensive of Newcastle United, which is much stronger economically, as well as to meet Lee Kang-in on the Korean tour in July. Atletico believes that Lee Kang-in’s presence can help attract sponsors.” In fact, capturing the Asian market is one of Lee Kang-in’s recruiting goals.”

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