Donation angel Kim Min-jae ‘It’s a waste No. 3 goal’… First help in Serie A

Kim Min-jae recorded his first assist after advancing to Italy. After donating a considerable amount of money for the victims of the earthquake in Turkey, the local media is pouring favorable reviews for Kim Min-jae, who continued to play a big role in the game. This is reporter Kim Jong-seong.


As if completely freed from the calf injury that plagued him during the World Cup, Kim Min-jae swung all over the ground and made opponent strikers shake their heads.

His shoulder fights as well as air ball competitions showed off solid defensive power.

He cut off the sharp crosses of the three Cremonese players and made the starting point of a counterattack with astute judgment.

In the 20th minute of the second half, with Napoli leading 1-0, Kim Min-jae flashed in the attack.

In the corner kick set piece, Kim Min-jae attempted a header shot, but goal scorer Osimen slightly touched the ball and shook the net.

This is not Kim Min-jae’s third goal of the season, but is recorded as his first help after advancing to Serie A.

Kim Min-jae, who showed flawless defense without a single mistake, collapsed after bumping his head with an opponent during the extra time in the second half, but fortunately continued his activity without any problems.

Napoli, who tied up Elmas’ extra goal and won 3-0, boasted a fierce attack by scoring three goals in two consecutive matches. 온라인카지노

Kim Min-jae, who played full-time with the most passes on the team, received the highest rating from a soccer statistics site and was selected as the most outstanding player.

Meanwhile, the Italian media repeatedly praised Kim Min-jae as a player with skills and character, who recently donated 100 million won for the victims of the great earthquakes in Turkey and Syria.

This is Yonhap News TV Kim Jong-seong.

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