“Don’t worry about others, trust only you” McGregor’s quote on the initial screen of Jaehyun Koh’s phone

“Who is the most anticipated player in Daegu in the new season?”

In early February, at the fierce training camp in Namhae, Gyeongsangnam-do, the bright-eyed Daegu FC president Cho Kwang-rae, the passionate coach Choi Won-kwon, and the ‘veteran’ Hong Chul-cheol Lee Gu-dong-seong were none other than Ko Jae-hyun, a ‘young gun born in 1999’.

In particular, ‘National University Fullback’ Hong Cheol showed special affection for ‘Roommate’ Ko Jae-hyun. He said, “I look forward to Jaehyun the most, and on the other hand, I worry the most.” “Last year, he scored 13 goals, but isn’t football a stage where you can shine in one season? will go.”

Even in the transfer market last winter, Ko Jae-hyun was one of the hottest young guns in the K-League. Ko Jae-hyun, from Daegu Daeryun High School, made his professional debut in Daegu in 2018 and was loaned to K League 2 Seoul E-Land in 2020-2021. There were many clubs that wanted proven young talent. There were also rumors of a very specific transfer. Ko Jae-hyun said, “Of course, I didn’t shake at all. I didn’t even think about going to another team.” “Daegu is a team that trusted me again after returning from the lease and allowed me to play. (Transfer) I thought it was ridiculous,” he laughed. 스포츠토토

The pride of ‘Daegu’ is beyond imagination. “Daegu was where I was born and where I started playing football. I came from elementary, middle and high school to Daegu University.

Daegu is the only team in the K-League. Of course, he dreams of going abroad, but he is not impatient. “If you want to go abroad, you have to solve the military service problem first. First of all, there is the Hangzhou Asian Games this year. Rather than thinking about going abroad right away, I want to gather a better image of myself in Daegu after resolving my military service and go out after growing more,” he said. “Daegu is the team that brought me to the pros after graduating from high school, and when coach Choi Won-kwon first came, he was the coach. He treats young players harshly, but he really cares for them and gave realistic advice on how to survive in the pros. Thanks to the coach, I have grown a lot. did,” he said. “(Oh) Hyeon-gyu and other friends of different ages who have gone abroad are not envious, or I am impatient like I have to go quickly. I want to repay you even a little bit after growing up in Daegu, and I want to grow up and go later.”

Born in 1999, Go Jae-hyeon, the year of the rabbit, has a clear goal for the year of the cat. “Last year, I went to the K-League Awards Ceremony for the first time. I tried on a suit for the first time, and I was thrilled with something cool and wonderful. I have a goal to stand here again and win the award in style on the podium.” “I just want to score double digits for the team for two seasons in a row. I want to smile and take pictures with the fans at the end of the season this year,” he said.

In a practice match against Jeonju University held at the Namhae field training camp, Ko Jae-hyun scored multiple goals in the second half and led to a great victory. He slightly revealed his own winning routine, saying, “While preparing for the game, he did the same routine that was good last year, and he scored a goal.” “I stretch in my room and play the playlist and hip-hop music I listened to when I was happy. My mood and condition go up together. Right before the game, I read the ‘words’ on the initial screen of my phone to motivate myself.”

On the initial screen of the mobile phone he held up, the famous words of Conor McGregor, one of the best fighters in the UFC, were clearly visible. “Work hard, focus, believe in yourself, don’t worry about others, trust in you. That’s all. If I cared about all the doubts and words I’ve been receiving, I wouldn’t have achieved anything. So always focus and believe in yourself. Conor McGregor.” .”

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