Doosan’s 29-year-old left-handed hitter’s shocking ending… After a bunt, I stabbed myself, but ‘what happened at second base’

Doosan outfielder Kim In-tae (29) faced the worst outcome while attempting a witty run.

On the 7th, Kim In-tae started as the right fielder number 7 against KIA in Gwangju. In the top of the 5th inning with a 1-0 lead, he bunt on KIA starter Shawn Anderson’s first pitch slider with no 2nd base. However, second base runner Yang Seok-hwan’s start was delayed, and Anderson, who caught the ball, threw it to third base, leading to Yang Seok-hwan’s death.

Third baseman Ryu Ji-hyeok and shortstop Park Chan-ho 메이저사이트trapped Yang Seok-hwan between second and third base, and Yang Seok-hwan was tagged out by Park Chan-ho. Of course it took time. At this time, batter runner Kim In-tae started sneaking past first base and then boldly attempted a head-first slide to second base.

If successful, it was a very witty run, but the result was fatal for Kim In-tae and Doosan. The moment he tried to touch his hand to the base, it was crushed by the knee of third baseman Ryu Ji-hyeok, who entered the second base cover. Kim In-tae complained of great pain and was eventually loaded into an ambulance and headed to the hospital.

A Doosan official said, “I was moved to Gwangju Seonhan Hospital due to a right shoulder collision during running. He is scheduled to undergo a checkup,” he said.

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