‘European champion against’ coach Colin Bell “World soccer high intensity…opportunity to test against strong teams”

 “World soccer is fast, physically strong, and high-intensity.”

Coach Colin Bell spoke all of the 3-minute interview in Korean and once again emphasized the importance of physical and stamina ahead of the first A match in 2023, which is important for Korean women’s soccer. 

In an interview ahead of the Arnold Clark Cup game against England on the 16th (Korean time), Colin Bell, head coach of the Korean women’s national soccer team, once again emphasized the stamina and physicality of the players. 

Ahead of the FIFA (International Football Federation) Australia-New Zealand Women’s World Cup in July, Belho will participate in the Arnold Clark Cup held in England in February to check her strength with the women’s national teams of England, Italy and Belgium. 

Belho, who trained in Ulsan from the 30th to the 9th of last month, went to England on the 10th and will play the first match against England at 4:45 am on the 17th in Milton Keynes. 

England is a strong team that defeated Germany at the UEFA Women’s Euro 2022 held last year and won the first ever championship. 

Regarding the preparations so far, coach Colin Bell expressed his determination, saying, “The players are working hard and doing well. 

Regarding what he wants to understand through the game against England, Manager Bell said, “We must be able to unite systematically against a strong team and withstand strong pressure. We will be able to test our physical and mental abilities.” 

Regarding the opinion that there seems to be a gap in the midfield due to the absence of Jo So-hyun, Lee Min-ah, and Lee Young-joo, “Ji So-yeon is not in 100% physical condition. It is a big difficulty for us. We will show you how to solve this. A big opportunity for other players will be,” he replied.  안전놀이터

From Park Eun-seon to Chun Ga-ram, players of various ages and characteristics are in the offensive line. Coach Bell said, “I want 100% for the players,” and emphasized, “The national team’s door is always open. Players who were not selected this time will have a chance if they perform well.” 

During the training session in Ulsan before leaving for England, the women’s national team emphasized stamina and defensive organization, which are key factors for success in the World Cup.

“Of course, these are always important factors. For the national team to be successful from day one, every player’s stamina must be at its peak. World football is fast, physically strong and high-intensity. Every player needs to create an individual workout plan separate from team training,” Bell said. said. 

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