[Exclusive Interview] ‘Gong Soo Multi’ ATM core Marcos Llorente “I remember playing with Lee Kang-in… Korean youth players will be able to fulfill their dreams”

La Liga’s Atletico Madrid arrived in the country today to take on Team K League in the Coupang Players League and Manchester City in the Premier League. The team is training at the clubhouse of the K League Seongnam FC in Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do.

On the morning of the 26th, 온라인카지노 Goal.com conducted an exclusive interview with Atletico’s key resource Marcos Llorente (28, Spain). The interview was conducted with the cooperation of the La Liga and Atletico Madrid clubs.

Yorente, who played for Spain at the last World Cup in Qatar, is considered an integral part of the Atletico Madrid team. He made his professional debut with local rivals Real Madrid, where he played as a defensive midfielder, but his attacking talents blossomed under Diego Simeone after joining Atletico in 2019. Simeone has used Llorente in a variety of positions, including attacking midfield, right-back, central midfield, and right wing-back.

Yorente’s attacking instincts were in full bloom in the second leg of the 2019/20 UEFA Champions League round of 16 against Liverpool. He came on as a second-half substitute and scored two goals and an assist in extra time alone to lead his team to the quarterfinals. The match proved that Llorente is a crucial part of Simeone’s 4-4-2 formation and a vital part of the attacking tactics.

The training session started at 9 a.m. and ended around 11. Despite the jet lag and the sweltering heat, Atletico carried out a normal training session. After training, Llorente arrived at the interview with a smile on his face. During the 10-minute interview, he spoke sincerely.

When asked about his impressions of Korea, Llorente said, “I’ve been to some Asian countries, but this is my first time in Korea. My first impression is very good. I arrived yesterday, so I haven’t seen much, but I want to experience a lot while I’m here and I want to play well.”

As mentioned above, we couldn’t help but talk about the change of position: “Simeone first offered me the position and I accepted it, then I improved and had some good performances. I’m very positive and grateful,” he said, adding that it was the right decision. “He is a leader who knows the strengths and weaknesses of all the players in the team and guides them, and I think he is indispensable to the team,” he said, giving Simeone a thumbs-up.

Even if a player is offered a position change, he could be dropped if he lacks versatility or fails to adapt in his new position. “First of all, my physical strength, but also my research, studying, and practicing the position, so I can play different positions,” Yorente said. In addition to his versatility, he is also known for his speed. She has an instantaneous speed of over 35 kilometers per hour. That’s why he likes to play fast and finish when he finds space. “I think speed is something that is genetically in my body,” he said.

Atletico will play a friendly against Team K-League at 8 p.m. on Sept. 27 at the Seoul World Cup Stadium. “I know that they were selected like all-stars among the K League teams. But unfortunately, we haven’t received the squad yet. I think we’ll get the roster tomorrow, and we’ll try to analyze their strengths,” he said, adding that he wants to get to know Team K League’s players in order to have a good match.

Llorente, who has been playing in La Liga since his debut, also gave praise to Korean youth players who dream of playing in La Liga. “I remember playing against Lee Kang-in,” he said. I can remember it because there are not many Korean players in La Liga. He’s a very talented player who is known in La Liga,” he said, before advising that “Korean youths should always train hard, chase their dreams, and never give up, and they can achieve their dreams.”

Finally, he expressed his gratitude to his fans. “I want to thank all the fans who came to the airport, the fans who came to the hotel, and the fans who came to the training center today. They showed us a lot of hospitality. I hope to repay them with a good performance and a goal in tomorrow’s game,” he said, thanking the fans for supporting Atletico Madrid and him on the other side of the world.

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