Famous MLB reporter claims, “Ohtani might be interested in Boston”

온라인카지노 Shohei Ohtani, the only existing Major League pitcher who can double as a pitcher, has raised a unique claim amid continued interest in his destination.

Peter Gammons, a famous major league reporter, said on the 16th (Korean time) through his .

According to him, between Otani and Boston is Jim Davis, CEO of sporting goods brand New Balance.

Davis is from Massachusetts, where Boston is located, and grew up there. He still lives there today.

Ohtani also maintains a good relationship with Davis. He is an advertising model for New Balance and uses New Balance products during his games.

It is not yet known how much influence this close relationship will have on his contract. There is a high possibility of interest.

Gammons pointed out that Boston has issues that need to be resolved in order to recruit Ohtani.

The biggest problem is that Boston already has a designated hitter named Masataka Yoshida. Otina, who is currently suffering from an injured elbow ligament, will have to play as a ‘half player’ for most of the 2024 season.

If Boston recruits Ohtani, they will be making a redundant investment only in the designated hitter position, but it is questionable whether they can afford to do so.

Gammons expects Boston to spend most of its money this offseason on improving pitching.

Ohtani, who will complete six years of service time in the 2023 season, is scheduled to become a free agent five days after the end of the World Series.

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