Full of victorious spirit! ‘Expedition Intuition A to Z’ prepared by KB Insurance 

KB Insurance has prepared a second gift for fans who are going on an expedition.

At the time of the Hyundai Capital away game in the last 4th round, KB Insurance held a ‘fan away game escort’ event for fans going to the away game.

Subsequently, on the 23rd, at Chungmu Gymnasium in Daejeon, Dodram 2022-2023 V-League Men’s Round 5 escort for the second fan away match against Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance.

A total of two fans were selected for this event, and each had a special relationship with KB Insurance.

Despite living in Incheon, Lee Hae-chang loves volleyball for his son and supports KB Insurance for allowing him to become an elite player. On weekdays, we support them through broadcasting, and for home and away games on the weekend, we support the players through intuition as much as possible.

His son attended the 6th class of the KB Insurance Youth Volleyball Club, and using this as a springboard, he is currently attending Sosa Elementary School and is dreaming of becoming an elite volleyball player. He is especially a big fan of Hwang Taek-eui and is currently learning volleyball in the setter position. 안전놀이터

And Eun Hye-young moved from Uijeongbu to Incheon before the start of this season, so both home and away became distant. She didn’t dwell too much on it even though her return home was past midnight after her intuition, and she attended all home games until the 5th round. She is taking pictures of the players and cheering them on, regardless of whether they are home or away.

The club took care of everything for game intuition from start to finish. Prior to the game, a car was arranged from the vicinity of the fans’ residence to Chungmu Gymnasium in Daejeon. Afterwards, the team welcomed them on their way to work and served dinner. Even after watching the game, I saw off the players on their way home from work, and even arranged a ride home to Incheon.

Participants in the away game escort expressed their feelings, saying, “I felt very comfortable visiting after the game as an away game escort without being restricted by transportation. I just cheered hard, but the club gave me a big gift.

” said, “It was meaningful to be able to express my gratitude to the fans who always came to cheer for me not only at home games but also at away stadiums.”

On this day, KB Insurance continued its spring volleyball hopes by winning a set score 3-1 against Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance.

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