Future leaders who shine as bright as Jung Hoo and Comet…The driving force behind Kiwoom’s rebound

Kiwoom Heroes secured a winning series (2 wins or more) in 3 consecutive weekend matches against the ‘difficult’ NC Dinos. It is more meaningful because it is an achievement made with the power of ‘gums’. 

Kiwoom won 9-2 in the second game of three consecutive matches against the 2023 KBO League NC held at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul on the 13th. Starting pitcher Eric Yokishi pitched well with 3 hits and 1 run in 7 innings, and the other lineup scored 9 runs with 13 hits. 

Kiwoom gave away 메이저놀이터a winning series in all three consecutive matches against the league’s top SSG Landers and LG Twins, following the three consecutive matches against the Samsung Lions in the first week of May. However, he maintained a win rate of 50% and secured a foothold for a rebound by winning two consecutive victories over NC, which was in the top 5. 

Players who have not yet solidified their lead in the other lineup led the winning streak. At the end of the second inning of the game on the 13th, in the process of giving the first run, Park Chan-hyeok got a heavy hit and Lim Ji-yeol got a walk. In the third inning, key players Kim Hye-seong and Edison Russell ran one more run with a walk and a hit, respectively, and Lim Ji-yeol, who was aiming for the first baseman, hit a two-run home run through Song Myeong-ki’s slider, widening the score gap. Lim Ji-yeol is the player who led Kiwoom to a 7-4 victory by hitting a 3-run home run against opposing pitcher Kim Si-hoon at the end of the 9th inning of the NC 1 game on the 12th. 

In the third inning of the second game, Kim Dong-heon got a walk and went on base, Lee Jung-hoo and Lee Won-seok hit in a row, and Kim Hye-seong got on base with a fielder’s error, opening up additional scoring opportunities, and Park Chan-hyuk and Lim Ji-yeol got a series of walks in a calm game. linked to scoring. In the 6th inning, Park Chan-hyeok and Lim Ji-yeol hit consecutively with 1 out and 1 base, Park Jun-tae got a walk and made the bases full, and Kim Dong-heon also got 4 pitches and scored a push-off. 

Kiwoom suffered 5 consecutive losses from the match against Samsung on the 4th. Only 1 goal was scored in 3 matches during this period. The sluggishness of Lee Jung-hoo, the leading hitter, continued, and the lower batting line also lost weight. However, Lee Jung-hoo survived the 3-game series against LG that started on the 9th, and even younger players in the bottom line contributed to strengthening their scoring power. 

Lim Ji-yeol is showing a hot hitting feeling after being called up from the Futures League ahead of the LG 3-game series. He was one of the starting first base candidates, but failed to secure a spot early in the season. After Lee Won-seok joined as a trade, it seemed that his position would become narrower. However, he showed his presence through the 3 consecutive NC games. 

Originally, Kim Hye-sung and Russell’s hitting feeling wasn’t bad. Lee Jung-hoo, who had not been able to adapt to the changed batting form throughout April, is also feeling good after changing to the batting form of last season, when he won five gold medals. 

Kiwoom has many consecutive losses and victories this season. It means there are ups and downs. In the three-game series this weekend, the top batting line is in harmony. 

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