Gangwon FC Kevin “I want to win against Ulsan with my friends”

Kevin moved back and forth between centre-back and central midfield last season. He will spend the season as a central midfielder this year.

He said, “If I had to choose, a midfielder would be more comfortable.” He ordered the role of controlling and balancing the game,” he explained. 안전놀이터

A special confrontation awaits for Kevin this season. Boyanich and Rubiksson of the same Swedish nationality, who had been friends from before, had a head-to-head confrontation as they newly joined Ulsan Hyundai. The person who recommended the K-League to them is none other than Kevin.

Kevin said, “Before they decided to come to Korea, I explained that the K-League has a fast tempo and strong pressure.” “I look forward to meeting my friends when playing against Ulsan. It will be difficult against Ulsan, but I hope to win this season.”

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