Gangwon FC Yoon Seok-young “Focus on each game to a higher place”

Yoon Seok-young, who is in his fourth season in Gangwon, plans to play an active part in the three-back this season.

A former fullback in the national team, he is currently playing as a centerback. He said, “It was my first time playing center back in Gangwon,” he said. 스포츠토토

Ahead of the season, Yoon Seok-young passed on his number 7, which was his uniform number, to Yang Hyun-joon and became a hot topic. He explained, “From the first time I saw Hyun-jun, I felt he was a good player.”

Yoon Seok-young, a senior member of the team, pledged to do well. Yoon Seok-young said, “Last year’s performance was good, so the team’s confidence increased a lot, but other teams also strengthened well.”

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