Gas Corporation, FA market, different choices…Lee Dae-seong overseas, Lee Dae-heon stay, Jeong Hyo-geun leave

In the 2023 KBL FA market where the door was opened in earnest,  Daegu Korea Gas Corporation  chose different results for each contract with three major FA players in the team. Lee Dae-seong, the best guard in the league who 안전놀이터

ranked first in scoring by a domestic player even while injured,  was selected as one of the biggest players in the FA market this time, but  in the second free agency contract, it  was decided not to sign a contract with KOGAS for the time being, prioritizing overseas expansion  in consultation with the club. Caught. Lee Dae-sung expressed his gratitude for the club’s consideration, his determination to show good results, and his gratitude for the passion and love of Daegu fans. While it is known that it is considering advancing into the Australian league or the Japanese B league,  KOGAS   announced that it will keep an eye on the situation as it will be subject to renegotiation if overseas expansion is not confirmed by the end of this month. On the other hand, Lee Dae-heon, who played an active role as a forward in the team,  signed a contract with the team for a total of up to 550 million won in annual compensation and  will wear a Gas Corporation uniform next season. KOGAS said that Lee Dae-heon, who has grown over the past two years, has signed a contract with the evaluation that Lee Dae-heon, who has been active as a key force, has made a great contribution to the team, such as being selected for the national team and All-Star. On the other hand, another free agent forward Jeong Hyo-geun, after joining the team, played 8 seasons at E-Land and Gas Corporation.

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