“Go inside” KIA Lee Eui-ri is 150km away, but it’s a ball ball ball ball… Haetae Legend ‘Determination Remarks’ 

“You have to believe in your own ball and go into your body.”

As the KIA Lee Eui-ri challenge, 스포츠토토especially the base load challenge, is repeated, Lee Eui-ri and the KIA beasts get tired. The number of pitches increases, and the fielders have more time to defend. Yiui-ri and the beasts are also losing their stamina. Of course, pitchers are ultimately best not to give points. 2 wins, 3 losses, 2.93 ERA in 7 games. Lee Eui-ri did not concede many goals despite frequent walks and bases loaded. However, it is true that you and the people around you are at risk and tired.

SBS Sports commentator Lee Soon-cheol poured out his intentions while broadcasting the KIA-Doosan match on the 12th. It was a prickly advice or criticism stemming from the love for Lee Eui-ri. Lee Eui-ri insisted that he ultimately needed to change his pitching style.

Commentator Lee Soon-cheol said in a relay broadcast that day, “Lee Eui-ri has that good ball (average fastball speed of 146.3 km, top 150 km, based on baseball statistics site Stat Tees), but he doesn’t seem to trust his own ball. Looking at the annual leave (3rd year), it is not enough to order this or that, but Lee’s loyalty is different. is a national representative He should be better if he is a representative of the league, but it is a pity that he did not. He has to be different from other third-year players.”

Specifically, if it was a stuff like Lee Eui-ri, he advised the right-handed hitter to believe in his ball and play boldly inside. If a left-handed pitcher steps on the first-base pitcher and throws a fast ball in a diagonal trajectory, it is not easy for a right-handed hitter to hit. However, I looked sadly at Lee Eui-ri, who stepped on the pitching board on the first base side and tried to catch a strike outward.

In fact, if you look at Eui-ri Lee’s pitching this season, he boldly competes with the body against lower hitters or right-handed hitters who are in poor condition, but there are many outside games for power hitters who enter the center batting line or hitters in good condition. Commentator Kim Tae-hyung said, “I don’t know if I get a (strike) count when I play outside, but there are a lot of balls that escape.” This is a fundamental concern.

Commissioner Lee Soon-chul said, “Lee Eui-ri is a power pitcher. However, if you look at the management of the game, it is not technical, it is not power, it is ambiguous. If you step on the plate on the first base side, the intention is to pitch diagonally against the right-handed hitter. He doesn’t use his strengths at all. You must believe in your ball and throw a fast ball diagonally and toward yourself. If that’s the case then there’s nothing you can do about it. He said, “There is no pitcher who does not hit.”

He said, “When I practice batting before the game, I practice with a ball less than 100 km away. There are also players who swing and foul. A fast ball that goes over 150km is not easy to get into the body no matter how good the ball count is (to the batter). He has to make use of his strengths.”

At this point, Commissioner Lee emphasized that Lee Eui-ri did not hit a single home run while giving up 27 hits and 29 walks in 31⅔ innings in 7 games this season. Basically, it means that the ball has power, so it didn’t hit a home run. This means you don’t have to hesitate to throw it toward your body.

Even Lee Eui-ri said that he needed to refer to the mindset of his junior Yoon Young-chul. Commissioner Kim Tae-hyeong mentioned that while relaying Yoon Young-chul’s recent mound game, he praised the mindset of throwing only one’s own ball without caring about batters. He said, “It’s not what if the batter hits, hit it, I’ll throw it. You need this mindset. When Yoon Young-chul pitches, he throws his own ball whether he hits it or not.”

That day, Eui-ri Lee gave up 5 hits, 4 strikeouts, 3 walks and 2 runs in 4 innings. He didn’t walk much, but he did. The bases loaded challenge situation has also returned without fail. Still, it didn’t give me many points. However, in the 3rd and 4th innings, it was seen that he boldly entered the body game to the center hitters. Commissioner Lee and Commissioner Kim said, “Yes,” and emphasized more side games, whether for left-handed or right-handed hitters.

In fact, if Eui-ri Lee induces swings and hits by making more side games, there is a possibility that the number of pitches can be managed and the number of walks will decrease. Even if there is a sand dune or a single shot, committee members Lee Soon-cheol and Kim Tae-hyeong are convinced that there is nothing to lose than playing a game on the outside.

At this point, Lee Eui-ri cannot throw many innings due to the large number of pitches, the bullpen load increases, and the fielders increase their defense time, causing fatigue. Commissioner Kim Tae-hyeong also worried that if the number of pitches increased in an inning, his stamina would deteriorate. It is true that the danger signal has come in to comfort him simply by giving away fewer points. Lee Eui-ri needs to ponder the stories of the two commentators.

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