Gomtal Fox’s sincere hospitality towards the senior catcher of ‘Brother, please come’, perfect from batting guide to bat collection 

The second inning of the 2023 KBO League demonstration game between Samsung and Doosan held at Jamsil Baseball Stadium on the 26th.

When Doosan’s Yang Eui-ui and Samsung’s senior catcher Kang Min-ho entered the plate, he greeted him with a nod and politely extended his hands as if guiding him.

What was Kang Min-ho’s expression like when먹튀검증 he received a respectful greeting from his junior?

Kang Min-ho, who was walking to the plate, smiled with a mixture of joy and satisfaction when he received an unexpected escort from Yang Eui-ji.

The heartwarming time was short-lived, and a sparkly head fight unfolded between the two players.

Alcantara, who received Yang Eui-ji’s autograph, put a 148km fastball in the middle of the first pitch.

The second ball was also a straight ball. This time, the ball slightly flowed outward at 149Km with a slight increase in velocity.

Kang Min-ho, who was declared for two consecutive strikes, said a word to Yang Eui-ji as if it was an unexpected match, and a short conversation took place between the two players.

The 3-pitch was also a fastball, and the 149 km ball slipped slightly outside the home plate. The ball count became 1B 2S.

The ball thrown by Alcantara on the 4th pitch was a breaking ball with a drop.

Kang Min-ho pushed Alcantara’s pitch with accurate contact, but the ball flew toward first baseman Shin Seong-hyun. The ball hit Shin Seong-hyeon’s mitt and flowed to the floor, but an accurate throw continued at Alcantara, which came under first base cover, and Min-ho Kang was out.

The best treatment for a senior was a head-to-head match. Yang Eui-ji picked up Kang Min-ho’s bat that had fallen on the floor

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