GS Caltex, who ventured on an adventure, aims to recreate the glory of treble

GS Caltex, a women’s professional volleyball team, is aiming for another leap forward. Like the 2020-21 season, when they achieved the treble (regular league, championship match, cup championship), they packed their power with players who could dominate the front of the net. 

On the 13th (Korean time)먹튀검증, on the 2nd day of the 2023 foreign player tryout, GS Caltex did not exercise priority for MoMA Basoko Leticia, who played as a member of the team during the last two seasons (2021-22, 2022-23). And in the draft held the next day (14th), he selected apogee spiker Gisele Silva as the 6th pick. 

It was evaluated that there were not many high-quality players in this tryout. Brittany Abercrombie, who was nominated by IBK Industrial Bank of Korea as the first choice, was also a player who joined on the last day of the tryout. 

MoMA is a player who ranked first in scoring (819 points) in the V-League Women’s Division in the 2021-22 season. The choice of GS Caltex, which did not renew the contract with such a player, drew attention. Silva is a player who has not yet been verified in the V-League. 

Cha Sang-hyun, director of GS Caltex, explained that “a change was necessary.” He saw that if he played the same style of volleyball three consecutive seasons, he could be attacked by opponents. Coach Cha also emphasized that the newly selected Silva has a good serve and the ability to handle inaccurate toss balls well. 

GS Caltex is trying to strengthen its competitiveness in front of the net and utilize both flank and center attacks. It seems to be thinking of the 2020-21 season when the treble was achieved. At that time, GS Caltex had Mereta Lutz, the tallest foreign player ever (2m6cm), leading the fight for air supremacy, and domestic strikers Kang So-hui and Lee So-young (currently KGC Ginseng Corporation) also showed high scoring power. 

Moma scored well, but was relatively short in height (1m84cm). Domestic middle blocker (center) Munhwa Hwa and Kim Yu-ri could not play their part due to injury and sluggishness, and GS Caltex was pushed back in the ‘high fight’. In the 2022-23 season, the regular league fell to 5th place. 

In the offseason, GS Caltex signed a one-year contract with veteran center Jeong Dae-young, who qualified as a free agent (FA). It is expected to build a’twin tower’ with Han Su-ji, who ranked first in the blocking category in the 2022-23 season (0.827 per set). Kim Yu-ri retired, but re-contracted with backup Civilization. Silva, who is 1m91cm tall, is also a player who can strengthen the blocking wall. 

At GS Caltex, national team outside hitter (left) Kang So-hui is alive and well, and Kwon Min-ji, who played full-time last season, has also grown. The center team was also strengthened by external recruitment. 

If Silva only shows an average level of scoring. GS Caltex is also expected to be able to aim for the top again. Silva ranked first in Greek league scoring in the 2022-23 season, playing for AEK Athens. 

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