Haengjik Kim advanced to the finals. Tasdemir and ‘Las Vegas 3-Cushion World Cup’ battle and defeat

Kim Haeng-jik defeated Kim Jun-tae 50:37 in the semifinals held at 4 am (Korean time) on the 5th. It was probably because it was a fight between seniors and juniors, so the continuous hits did not break out well. Haengjik Kim had 6 consecutive hits and 4 consecutive hits, and Kim Jun-tae had 5 consecutive hits.

Kim Haeng-jik was a little weak to Maetan and his junior Kim Jun-tae. He has been behind with 1 draw and 2 losses in his last 3 matches. However, he showed off his genius without regret in the decisive fight for the final.

In the quarterfinals, Kim Haeng-jik also fought against Maetang High school junior Jo Myung-woo. End of 18 innings High run 8 points won 50:29. 토토사이트

Kim Jun-tae defeated Tobjorn Bromdahl 50:23 in the quarter-finals and advanced to the semi-finals after 1 year and 3 months, but missed the final due to being blocked by the ‘genius senior’.

Typhoon Tasdemir (Turkiye) defeated Zanetti 50:27 with 3 consecutive hits in 27 innings in the semifinals.

Tasdemir, last year’s East Sea World Championships champion, defeated Nguyen Duc An Chien of Vietnam 50:30 in the quarterfinals.

Haengjik Kim defeated Zanetti in the winner’s semi-final of the ‘Wonju 3-Cushion Grand Prix’ held in January. Even after reaching the final as the winner, he lost to Jaspers, the winner of the loser’s resurrection match, and missed the championship.

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