Heo Soo-bong, an all-weather striker, has emerged as the unrivaled ace of Hyundai Capital

Reporter Jang Hyeon-gu = The era of Heo Soo-bong (25, Hyundai Capital) has opened in men’s professional volleyball.

In the first match of the 5th round of the regular league against OK Financial Group on the 1st, Heo Soo-bong took the lead in a 3-1 victory by scoring 20 points, the most in the team, including 2 points each for blocking and serving.

It was also Heo Soo-bong who took the white flag of OK Financial Group with three consecutive back-attack scores in the middle of the fourth set and a consecutive serve ace in the end game.

Hyundai Capital overpowered OK Financial Group in the last match of the 4th round and the start of the 5th round, and took 6 points to maintain a stable 2nd place, while gaining momentum to pursue the leader Korean Air to the end.

Heo Soo-bong, who is 195 cm tall, is an all-around player who can play all positions in the avant-garde, such as outside heater (left), middle blocker (center), and opposite spiker (right).

As a player inheriting the genealogy of domestic giants, he played his part as an outside hitter and moved to an apositive spiker.

Heo Soo-bong, who was selected as the best player in the game on the 1st, said in an interview with the broadcasting staff after the match, “I feel good because I did well as a middle blocker.”

He added, “(As a wing striker), I have a feeling that I have always practiced back attacks, and I have developed a sense of quick attacks by playing around after practice.” 슬롯사이트

The new tactics of Hyundai Capital coach Choi Tae-woong, who appointed Heo Soo-bong as a middle blocker and Hong Dong-seon as an apposite spike, were also successful.

Hong Dong-seon was another handful of victory for defeating OK Financial Group’s receive with a powerful spike serve.

As of the 1st, Heo Soo-bong boasts full bloom skills, ranking 7th in scoring (393 points), 7th overall in attack (50.81% success rate), 8th in rear attack (53.36%), and 2nd in serve (average 0.528 per set).

There are ups and downs depending on the opposing team, but if coach Tae-Woong Choi utilizes the unique advantage of being able to score offensive points in all weathers with the player ‘rotation’ tactic, Heo Soo-bong’s weaknesses are expected to be reduced.

Heo Soo-bong emphasized that he would pursue to the end and overturn the rankings, saying, “The difference in points with Korean Air has decreased a lot.” Hyundai Capital and Heo Soo-bong’s confidence will grow even more if they catch Korean Air, who have met four times this season, at their home in Cheonan on the 10th.

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