History says the Los Angeles Lakers and Boston are out of the Finals

We need to make the number of cases that did not exist.

The NBA East West Finals are underway. If you look at the records, it is said that the final team has already been covered.스포츠토토

The Miami Heat lead the series 2-0 in the East and the Denver Nuggets 3-0 in the West.

First, Miami went through the play-in tournament as the 8th seed in the East and achieved upsets in both the 1st and 2nd rounds. He started as an underdog in the Eastern Finals as well. However, they captured both the first and second games in the East No. 2 seed Boston expedition.

In NBA history, there has never been a team that won the first and second games of the conference finals and failed to make it to the finals.

▲ It’s not over yet.

The West is more one-sided. Denver is one win away from advancing to the finals for the first time in club history. It was a big deal for the Lakers to give up Game 3 at home, which they had to win.

There have been 149 instances in NBA history where a playoff series has been 0-3. The losing team has never overturned a series.

It’s not over yet, but if you look at the statistics, the finalists are closer to Miami and Denver. If either Boston or Lakers makes it to the finals, NBA history will be rewritten in itself.

“It’s 0-3, but it’s not 0-4,” said Lakers coach Davin Hamm. told

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