how is it? 5th in team batting average, only 1 win difference from last year, champ’s potential is scary

Anyway, is Landers the winner? The team’s batting average is only 5th, but there is only one win difference from last year. The defending champion’s potential is so frightening.

SSG Landers is running as the sole leader, first to 20 wins in the 2023 KBO League regular season. Avoiding the influence of the rain cloud that hit the country last week, the recent five-game winning streak is on the rise.

At the same time,메이저놀이터 SSG pushed the Lotte Giants, whose last four games were all postponed due to rain, to second place, widening their game ride to two games. With a record of 20 wins and 10 losses in 30 games, the winning rate is 0.667, which is a very outstanding performance that is not far behind last year’s unprecedented wire-to-wire championship.

In fact, SSG, which played 32 games around the same time last year, recorded an overwhelming win rate of 0.742 with 23 wins, 1 draw and 8 losses, and was in the overwhelming first place. It was a record-breaking race that included 10 consecutive wins from the opening, which is the most tie in the KBO League. Even if you simply compare it with the standard of 30 games last year, there is only a difference between 21 wins (1 draw, 8 losses) in 2022 and 20 wins (10 losses) in the 2023 season.

This shows that SSG is coming close to last year, when it made a historic season with a wire-to-wire win.

What is even more surprising is that SSG is producing such results despite the absence of foreign pitcher Enni Romero, who was recently replaced. If you bring a common expression, you have a long term with ‘tea’ or ‘po’ apart, but it is like dominating the phase.

In addition, SSG could not fully get on track with the batting condition of the main fielders at the beginning of the season. SSG, which ranks first in winning percentage, has a team batting average of 0.257, which is only 5th in the league.

Nevertheless, SSG is posting the second best record in the league with a team OPS (on-base percentage + slugging percentage) of 0.717 based on its high team on-base percentage (0.335, 2nd place) and team slugging percentage (0.382, 2nd place).

Even if the hitters’ bats aren’t that hot, it means that they are efficient at the highest level in the league in terms of getting on base, creating opportunities, and winning by hitting long hits. It is an SSG that gets enough points through long hits along with enough on-base to win.

There is nothing particularly surprising. Compared to last season, it has been strengthened while maintaining its unique team color.

Even at the time of 30 games in the 2022 season, when the record-breaking pitcher pattern was strong, SSG ranked 6th in team batting average (0.244), but was ranked 3rd in the league with team OPS (0.686), and the win rate was overwhelming. It can be seen that there is a sense of stability while continuing the advantages as it is.

The most surprising aspect of SSG’s current situation is the running of the bullpen, which was considered a weakness before the season.

First of all, after the end of last year’s season, SSG’s relief pitchers who played an active role in the bullpen, such as Kim Taek-hyung, Jang Ji-hoon, and Cho Yo-han, who played a significant role in the combined championship, left to perform military service. Therefore, the birth of a new Pilseungjo was inevitable, and this part was considered to be a weakness. However, the SSG bullpen has broken expectations and is running at the top of the team’s salvation average ERA (2.32) this year.

Compared to the LG Twins (3.53), which is second in the division, the difference in ERA is so overwhelming that it is overwhelmingly first. The breakthrough of existing closer pitcher Seo Jin-yong is decisive. While Seo Jin-yong made 13 saves (1 win) in 15 games, he did not allow even one ERA, except for one run due to an error, and continued the march of ‘zero ERA’.

It is Seo Jin-yong who shows outstanding stability in both content and results to the extent that various memes such as ‘Suzume’s Door Crackdown’ have been created online. Centered around Seo Jin-yong, veteran Noh Kyung-eun is showing unchanging dignity by recording 7 holds. In addition, young relief pitchers Choi Min-jun, Baek Seung-geon, and Lee Row-un collaborated on 8 holds, and Ko Hyo-jun, the oldest pitcher, put up 2 holds.

The starting lineup is not collapsing even though a foreigner has failed to pitch in a single game and domestic starting pitchers are insecure at the beginning of the season. Centered around Kirk McCarty, who is struggling with an average ERA of 2.25 with 3 wins and 1 loss in 6 games, the starting average ERA (3.95) is the 6th in the league. Loenis Elias (34), a veteran left-handed pitcher from the Cuban national team, will join the team soon, and there is plenty of room for a rebound from domestic starting pitchers, so expectations are high that things can get better.

In addition, the leadership and mercenary skills of SSG coach Kim Won-hyung, who led the team to the combined championship last year, and other coaching staff are evaluated as fully mature. Including the winning streak, there are many cases in which the judgments and choices of coach Kim Won-hyung and the bench coaching staff this season hit the mark as if they were on the edge. Neat pitcher replacements, pinch hitters and large defense replacements are progressing flexibly like water flowing, changing the flow of the game and leading SSG to win.

As the defending champion, the players’ composure and confidence increased. Even before the season, the SSG players unanimously said, ‘I want to win wire-to-wire for two consecutive years’. Although such a miraculous record has been broken, the race at the beginning of the 2023 season is never lagging behind last year. And it must be the driving force of the concentration of players who bring victory in the end even in situations where they are falling behind or in a tense game.

This season, there were many other clubs than SSG as candidates for the championship. However, SSG is running ahead, showing the potential of the defending champion, breaking that expectation as if showing off. This is why the saying ‘Anyway, another win is Landers’ comes out again.

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