“How long will it be ‘Kwang Hyeon-jong’?” Choo Shin-soo’s remarks become reality… A sad self-portrait of Korean baseball

Choo Shin-soo (SSG)’s remarks about the baseball team of the 2023 메이저사이트 World Baseball Classic (WBC) became a bitter reality. Although they are still two left-handed aces representing the KBO League, they no longer have the competitiveness to show on the international stage. Neither Kim Gwang-hyun, who started against Japan, nor Yang Hyeon-jong, who pitched in relief against Australia, failed to do their part.

And the reality of Korean baseball, which is even more regrettable, is that there are no ‘young guns’ to replace them. Gu Chang-mo (NC) and Lee Eui-ri (KIA), who are likely candidates for the left-handed lineage, were beaten or could not even throw strikes properly.

The national team, led by coach Lee Kang-cheol, lost 4-13 with the mound completely collapsing in the 2023 WBC Group B Round 1 match against Japan held at Tokyo Dome, Japan on the 10th.

Every outgoing pitcher was beaten foot and foot by Japanese batters. On this day, 10 out of 15 pitching entries were poured in, from starter Kim Gwang-hyun (2 innings, 4 runs), who had a reputation as the “Japanese killer” in the past, to Won Tae-in (Samsung, 2 innings, 1 run) – Kwak Bin (Doosan, 1 run in 0.2 innings). ) -Jeong Cheol-won (Doosan, 1 run in 0.1 innings) -Kim Yun-shik (LG, 0 innings, 3 runs) -Kim Won-joong (Lotte, 0.1 innings, 1 run) -Ko Chang-mo (0.1 innings, 2 runs), all 7 people conceded.

2006 WBC 1st semifinal, 2009 2nd inning runner-up team, so embarrassing that it is difficult to put forward a business card, it was at the level of Korean baseball. The national team, driven to the brink by a shock defeat in the first match against Australia, lost greatly in the WBC Korea-Japan match, which was concluded in 14 years, and was likely to be eliminated in the first round for the third time in a row.

Kim Gwang-hyeon, who was initially classified as a bullpen resource, but took on the important role of starting the match against Japan after losing against Australia, gained strength in the beginning. In the bottom of the first inning, he handled both batters neatly and then struck out Shohei Ohtani (LA Angels), the pride of Japan, on a swing after a full count match. In the bottom of the second inning, after one out, second baseman Tommy Hyeonsu Edmon (St. Louis), who caught Masataka Yoshida’s ground ball, made a bad throw to first base, and Yoshida ran to second base. The record is not a hit in the infield. However, Kim Gwang-hyun did not waver and struck out two batters in a row.

When Kim Gwang-hyun raised the mood, the other line responded in the beginning of the 3rd inning. Lead batter Kang Baek-ho (KT) hit the third fastball from Japanese starting pitcher Yu Darvish (San Diego) and hit a double through left-center. Kang Baek-ho, who was hit by a run after hitting a double in the game against Australia the previous day, performed a lively ceremony once again without taking his foot off the base. Yang Eui-ji (Doosan) scored the first two runs at second base, and Lee Jung-hoo (Kiwoom) scored a timely hit at second base, leading 3-0.

However, Reed only lasted until the top of the 3rd inning. At the end of the 3rd inning, Kim Gwang-hyun over-faced and allowed 2 walks in a row. After that, he was beaten with a timely 1 RBI hit by Las Nutba (St. Louis) and 1 RBI double by Kensuke Kondo 2 times.

Since then, the national team mound has been miserable. In particular, it was painful that Chang-mo Koo and Eui-ri Lee, who were in poor condition from the national team training to the practice game in Osaka, Japan, could not play their part until the end. Koo Chang-mo went down empty after receiving two hits while dealing with three batters. Lee Eui-ri, who took over the ball from Gu Chang-mo, threw a fastball, but was unable to throw a strike and only walked three times. Kim Yun-shik, a rookie who took the mound earlier, also faced 3 opponents and recorded 3 4-balls without catching a single out count.

Coach Lee Kang-cheol said after the game against Japan, “They are good pitchers, but they couldn’t show their abilities.”

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