I came all the way to Korea after seeing Kim Yeon-kyung… Embarrassed Abondanza

The position of head coach Marcello Abondanza, who has been appointed to Heungkuk Life Insurance in the women’s professional volleyball team, has become difficult. His student Kim Yeon-kyung flew from Europe to Korea to take charge of the club, but it is a situation where Kim Yeon-kyung may leave the team.

Heungkuk Life Insurance, led by coach Abondanza바카라사이트, finished the regular league in first place, but lost to Korea Expressway Corporation, which ranked third in the league, in the championship match and finished runner-up.

Even before the postseason began, head coach Abondanza repeatedly said that road construction should be vigilant. It was an excellent insight to predict the road construction’s advancement to the championship, but it is a part that I can not help but feel sorry for not being able to prevent defeat in the end.

The failure to lead Heungkuk Life Insurance, the No. 1 team in the regular league, to an integrated championship is also a deductible factor for the manager. Heungkuk Life Insurance had already surpassed Hyundai E&C and climbed to the top of the league when coach Dae-gyeong Kim was acting manager before Abondanza took the helm. For this reason, it seems difficult to attach great significance to Abondanza’s influence with the league’s first-place performance.

In the end, coach Abondanza’s biggest test was the championship match, and he got caught up in the road construction in this championship match. He erased his benevolence at the time of his first appointment, ceaselessly stopped all the players, and led passionately, but he was defeated.

During the championship game, coach Abondanza was even caught angry with Coach Dae-gyeong Kim when his instructions were misrepresented due to a mistake by the coaching staff.

Looking at the comments made by manager Abondanza after losing the championship, we can get a glimpse of his perception of the club.

Head coach Abondanza emphasized the need to improve the skills of the overall players, saying, “90% of our team is said to be going back to Kim Yeon-kyung, but a player alone cannot win the championship.”

“The volleyball I pursue is focused on serve, blocking, and defensive connection, but it must be different from now, which is centered on the side,” he said. “There is also a feeling that Korean volleyball is played with only two players. It has to be done,” he said.

Director Abondanza’s remarks can be interpreted as a willingness to reorganize the team around Kim Yeon-kyung. However, the problem is that Kim Yeon-kyung mentioned the possibility of breaking up with Heungkuk Life Insurance at the V-League awards ceremony on the 10th.

Coach Abondanza went up on stage twice and handed flowers to Kim Yeon-kyung, who received the Best 7 Award and the MVP Award, but Kim Yeon-kyung openly revealed her intention to extend her current career and negotiations with other clubs immediately afterward.

If Kim Yeon-kyung remains at Heungkuk Life, the team will be able to build the team as planned by coach Abondanza, but if Kim Yeon-kyung leaves, as coach Abondanza, he will have no choice but to come to the test.

As he admits, in a situation where the understanding of the Korean league and players is not yet high, it is necessary to secure a player to replace Kim Yeon-kyung. In this case, it is difficult to rule out the possibility of considerable trial and error in the process of reinforcing power and reorganizing the squad.

Squad reorganization and rebuilding is a long-term, high-difficulty project that can take many years. In the process of rebuilding, you have to be prepared for a fall in the lower ranks.

In fact, Heungkuk Life Insurance fell to 6th out of 7 teams in the 2021-2022 season when Kim Yeon-kyung left for the Chinese league. After Kim Yeon-kyung’s departure, if his strength is not properly reinforced and he falls to a rank that does not match his reputation, as manager Abon Danza, he is in a situation where he has to sacrifice his career for Heungkuk Life Insurance.

Because of this, it is unclear how much sacrifice Abondanza will be able to endure. Abondanza’s contract period runs until the 2024-2025 season. Details of the contract terms were not disclosed.

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