“I don’t want to lose even on rock, paper, scissors… ” The humiliating ERA 13.50 of the successor of Gwang Hyeon-jong’s ‘Volume of Remorse’

 Will there be a rematch between Koo Chang-mo (NC) and Yamakawa Hotaru (Seibu Lions)?

For Gu Chang-mo, the pain of 2017 APBC remains clear even after six years. In the first game of the full league against Japan, Koo Chang-mo pitched in relief in the bottom of the 6th inning, leading 4-1, and was hit by Yamakawa’s two-run gun. This one shot eventually provided some excuse for Korea’s come-from-behind defeat.

Koo Chang-mo was APBC’s debut match for his national team. At that time, he gave up 2 hits (1 home run), 1 walk and 2 runs in 1⅓ innings in 2 games. Those two runs were the two run fours given to Yamakawa. An ERA of 13.50 is an unacceptable figure for Gu Chang-mo, who is counted as ‘the number one successor to Gwang Hyeon-jong’.

Gu Chang-mo wears the Taegeuk mark again after 6 years. Anyway, since APBC six years ago, he has been reborn as the best left-handed pitcher in the KBO League. It is still not free from the keyword of durability, but a healthy Goo Chang-mo is always a reliable card. The KBO Technical Committee also selected Koo Chang-mo to the WBC national team without hesitation.

Koo Chang-mo is thoroughly preparing for the WBC. In January, he pitched in the bullpen three or four times while donating his talent through personal training in Jeju. He even digested live pitching at the NC spring camp. At the time, he also gave up well-hit balls to some hitters, but increased his fastball speed to the early 140km mark. On the 17th, he did not participate in the practice game against his parent NC, instead pitching in the bullpen, and is expected to pitch in the next practice game. 슬롯사이트

After finishing training on this day, Gu Chang-mo said, “The weather is cold, but I have already seen snow here in 2020. This cold is not awkward. However, the feeling is different from the team I belong to, and it is awkward because there are young pitchers. Adaptation to the official ball is not a problem. The ball is slippery, but I got used to it. There is no big difference from the KBO League official ball.”

Deep down, I have a strong will to pitch against Japan in the first round. Koo Chang-mo said, “I haven’t decided on a position yet, but I will do my best in any game. If we can go to Korea-Japan match, we must win unconditionally. In Japan, you can’t even lose on rock, paper, scissors.”

He openly mentioned revenge against Japan. “At APBC in 2017, it wasn’t good against Japan. want to pay back I hit a home run against Yamakawa, but I want to punish him when I meet him. Just like that, Yamakawa is coming to this tournament.” Yamakawa is a right-handed gunner who is recording 41 home runs in the 2022 season and 218 home runs in his personal career as a Seibu representative. He will be the first baseman for Japan in this tournament.

If Koo Chang-mo pitches in relief against Japan, the meeting with Yamakawa may not happen. However, a rematch with Yamakawa may be held according to the rules to deal with three batters. Not only Koo Chang-mo, but also to Korean pitchers, Yamakawa is a hitter to be wary of.

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