I get excited when I release the shackles of defense

In the evaluation match against Colombia held on the 24th at Munsu Soccer Stadium in Ulsan, Korea led 2-0 with Son Heung-min (Tottenham)’s multi-goal in the first half, but scored two goals in the second half to draw 2-2. This match was the first time coach Klinsmann emphasized ‘attack soccer’ right after taking office. The core of Klinsmann’s offensive football was identified as Son Heung-min’s ‘free roll’.

Head coach Klinsman did not have much time to prepare 메이저놀이터ahead of his first A-match two-game series. For this reason, all members of the World Cup in Qatar, led by former coach Paulo Bento, were included in the convocation list, and the starting lineup on this day was also close to Bentuho’s extension. One thing that has changed is that Son Heung-min was able to walk on the ground regardless of a specific location.

Son Heung-Min played as a shadow striker behind Cho Kyu-Sung (Jeonbuk) in the front line that day and led the attack by freely going in and out of the ground regardless of the front line or side. Cho Kyu-seong endured from the front and diligently created opportunities while working hard on pressure and connection. Son Heung-min caught the ball 10 minutes after the start of the game, taking advantage of a mistake by the opponent’s defense, and shook the net with a left-footed kick from the right side of the penalty arc, becoming the protagonist of Klinsman’s ‘No. 1 goal’. In the extra time of the first half, he added a goal with his proprietary sharp free kick, driving Munsu Soccer Stadium into a frenzy. Son Heung-min, who added two goals that day, recorded 37 goals in A-match, surpassing Park I-cheon (36 goals), and rose to third place with the most points scored by a Korean player in A-match. The first place in this category is former national team coach Cha Beom-geun (58 goals, 55 goals by FIFA), and the second place is Hwang Seon-hong, head coach of the under-23 national team (50 goals).

After the game, coach Klinsman said, “It is a natural thing for Son Heung-min to stand anywhere, in the center or on the side, and all the players in the attacking team rotate and understand each other and move.” there is,” he said.

On this day, coach Klinsman’s striker selection also drew attention. He put Cho Kyu-seong as the starter and replaced Oh Hyeon-gyu (Celtic) in the second half. Hwang Ui-jo (Seoul) guarded the bench. Neither Cho Kyu-sung nor Oh Hyun-kyu scored a goal, but they showed active movements and bold physical fights, drawing attention from coach Klinsman. Hwang In-beom (Olympiacos), who was called the ‘Prince of Lake Bentu’, also showed a vigorous activity and opened a way with an awl-like pass, raising expectations for an active performance in Klinsmann.

Unlike the offense, which showed active movement and decisiveness, the chronic weakness of the defense remained as a homework to be solved urgently. ‘Monster defender’ Kim Min-jae (Napoli) led the defensive line, but the defense was greatly shaken as Kim Jin-soo (Jeonbuk) was replaced due to an injury in the 24th minute of the first half. Eventually, in the 2nd and 5th minutes of the second half, James Rodriguez and Jorge Carrascal scored consecutive goals.

Attention is focusing on how Klinsmann, who confirmed both achievements and challenges in his debut match, will perform in the match against Uruguay on the 28th.

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