“I was heavy” news of Subero’s dismissal, the last message from Hanwha’s senior staff

Hanwha Eagles’ oldest pitcher Jung Woo-ram showed a heavy heart due to a manager change during the season.

On the night of the 11th,먹튀검증 the news of the change of manager was announced. Hanwha said, “We appointed Futures manager Choi Won-ho as the club’s 13th manager. The terms of the contract are a total of 1.4 billion won over three years (down payment of 200 million won, annual salary of 300 million won, and option of 300 million won). We have terminated our contract with coach Carlos Subero, who led the team from the 2021 season.”

The sudden decision made the atmosphere of the team uneasy. So, after the decision was made to take the baton, new head coach Choi had to lead the team from the first day of the Incheon expedition, so he asked the seniors to keep the players as calm as possible.

Hanwha captain and oldest pitcher Jung Woo-ram met with reporters prior to the match against SSG on the 12th and said, “The atmosphere is so that I don’t know what to say overall. “The young players have no choice but to be shaken,” he said.

The reason why the hearts of the players, including Jung Woo-ram, are inevitably heavy when the manager is hardened. After all, baseball was played by players. Jung Woo-ram said, “Director Subero is a person who has worked hard for Hanwha for three years. The team is also well aware of this. My heart was heavy because I was also responsible for the players who did not live up to their expectations.”

He is a 20-year-old veteran baseball player who has gone through all kinds of battles since his professional debut in 2004, but this situation is embarrassing to him as well. In addition, it was more complicated because it was an argument that Subero believed in and that he had to convey his will to the squad.

Jung Woo-ram still has no choice but to set his mind and lead his juniors. We need to help coach Choi create a new Hanwha baseball game. “All we have to do is win,” he said. I emphasized to the players that they should focus on this and do well with a bright appearance.”

Hanwha still has a long way to go. Coach Choi became the champion in the first game after taking office, and Hanwha succeeded in winning three consecutive victories. However, Hanwha is still in ninth place and has to fight 112 more times. Jung Woo-ram said, “I hope the players will do better. Hanwha is a team that can get better enough in the future, so the veterans asked me to try harder.”

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