I was upset at the 3rd place, but Anyang was my luck”

2007 KBL rookie draft. The glory of the first place in the draft, which attracted 메이저사이트 attention with the advent of the golden generation, went to Kim Tae-sul, selected by SK. The second choice was Lee Dong-jun, who was nominated by Orion (trading the nomination right with E-Land before the draft). Yang Hee-jong was nominated by KT&G at the time in the third place.

It was a very unsatisfactory ranking. Even Yang Hee-jong recalled the time and laughed, saying, “You’d probably know from the look on my face when I joined, but I didn’t like it.” However, Anyang (the place of connection) was Yang Hui-jong’s destiny, and also luck. He played 15 seasons (excluding Sangmu) only in Anyang without a single transfer. And he will retire after the end of the 2022-2023 season with Anyang and KGC Legend.

It was his surprise retirement announcement.

Yang Hee-jong announced his retirement after the end of the season through the KGC club on February 22nd. He signed a three-year free agent contract after the end of last season, and it was surprising to everyone because he was in the middle of a season when he was running at the top. I met Yang Hee-jong, who announced his sudden retirement, at the Anyang Gymnasium after the East Asian Super League (EASL) was over.

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