I’d rather enjoy golf, hot springs, and restaurants in Japan

As it expands, the bubble of the golf course that swells is clearing.

This is because golf courses are obliged to display green fees, cart fees, and supplementary service fees from the New Year. In particular, the green fee, which varies by time, should be disclosed and informed.

This is to guarantee the right to know by the government accepting the complaints poured out on the tyranny of the golf course during the Corona 19 crisis. However, Caddy was viewed as an individual operator and Caddy was excluded from disclosure.

Now you don’t have to forcefully buy expensive food at the golf course. The government has also revised the standard terms and conditions for golf course usage to prevent golf courses from forcing golfers to eat at clubhouse restaurants or shade houses.

In the meantime, some golf courses have booked meals at the clubhouse as a condition. There was also a golf course in the metropolitan area that allowed reservations only when a package product that included green fees, meals, and souvenirs was purchased for 2 million won per team of four.

Last year, a golf course in the Chuncheon area sold 45,000 won for tteokbokki and 18,000 won for a bowl of makgeolli. Now, you shouldn’t be forced to buy expensive gifts at the golf course pro shop.

It is also noteworthy that the rules for canceling reservations, which were applied by golf courses themselves, have changed. Most golf courses have been treated normally if canceled up to 7 days in advance, and a penalty has been paid from 6 days prior.

Although it is different for each golf course, the penalty is set at 10% of the usage fee, including green and cart fees, and an additional penalty of 100,000 won is added every two days until cancellation on the same day.

The Fair Trade Commission recently prepared and announced an administrative notice of an amendment to set standards for dispute resolution based on such excessive penalties. It will come into effect from May.

According to this, even if you cancel a reservation, you do not pay a penalty (compensation) up to 4 days in advance for weekends and holidays and 3 days in advance for weekdays. 10% of the usage fee if canceled up to 2 days before, 20% the day before, 30% if canceled on the same day.

In the new year, the burden of caddy fees is expected to be reduced. Caddy has risen by about 20,000 won over the past two years due to a lack of manpower. This is because the demand for golf has soared and the establishment of golf courses has been lined up.

An increasing number of golf courses are opting for a no-caddy system or a Marshall caddy system that only informs driving and distance remaining, reducing the burden of caddy fees. Starting this year, foreign nationals aged 18 or older from countries such as China, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan will be hired as caddies to reduce labor shortages and the burden of caddies.

Above all, it is expected that domestic golf course fees will be reduced due to the rapid increase in overseas golf in Japan and Southeast Asia, such as Thailand, the Philippines, and Vietnam. In Japan, there are numerous places where you can get 100,000 won, including food, except for high-end membership golf courses.

Even with hot springs and restaurants, you can enjoy a full day with our money of 150,000 won. It is only half the cost of golf courses in Jeju Island or southern regions.

Golf Rules Changed in the New YearThe United States Golf Association (USGA) and the British Royal Golf Association (R&A), which establish and manage golf rules, have enacted and applied five golf rules since this year.

First of all, if the saved ball moves by itself with the power of nature, it does not receive a penalty stroke if it enters the penalty or OB area. It is called the ‘Ricky Rule’ after the player’s name.

The final day of the 2019 Phoenix Open held at TPC Scottsdale, Arizona, USA. Rickie Fowler (USA), who was leading by 5 strokes in the 11th hole (par 4), was in trouble. The ball on the third hit rolled down the green and fell into the water hazard in the back penalty area.

After taking a penalty and dropping the ball, the ball rolled back into the water by itself while I went up to look at the green. The match commissioner imposed a penalty stroke again.

Fowler, who received a two-stroke penalty, committed a triple bogey. Perhaps because he was shocked, he bogeyed on the next hole and eventually allowed a tie for the lead.

It was a narrow win, but it was a dangerous moment for Fowler. There is no need to worry if Fowler finds himself in this situation again this year.

If a club is damaged while playing golf, it can be replaced or repaired. Damaged clubs were not allowed to be replaced unless there were special circumstances (external influences, natural forces, local rules).

Clubs may be replaced as long as the player loses his temper and does not damage or deliberately destroy the club. If you get a scratched head or a bent shaft trying to hit a ball off the cart road and near the trees, you can repair it and switch to a different club. 온라인카지노

The penalty of two strokes for incorrectly changing the ball during the game has been changed to one stroke starting this year. It is a one-ball rule that requires the use of only balls of the same brand and with the same performance.

For example, if a ball with good distance is used for a tee shot and a ball with high spin is used for an approach shot around the green, a two-stroke penalty is applied. Starting this year, if you violate the one-ball rule, you will only receive a one-stroke penalty.

Back-on-the-line relief procedures have also changed. If a shot is declared difficult (unplayable), there are three relief options.

▲ Take a penalty of 1 stroke and hit again from the place where the previous shot was taken ▲ Drop within two clubs from the spot where the ball was found and not close to the hole cup ▲ Step back to the other side of the hole and drop and proceed from the point where it stopped within one club.

If the last option was selected, the dropped ball would drop again if it moved closer to the pin than the reference point. From 2023, even if it is close to the pin, it will proceed as long as it is within one club.

The same applies when the ball enters the penalty area and incurs a one-stroke penalty. The reference point is the point where the boundary was last crossed and the back line connecting the pin.

A local rule model was also introduced that added a two-stroke penalty on the last hole to the penalty of disqualification for not signing the scorecard after the round. The scorecard handicap recording requirement is also waived.

In foreign amateur competitions, specify your own official handicap. Now, with the introduction of the digital handicap system, the organizers are responsible for checking.

The Japan Women’s Golf Association (JLPGA) has prepared a rule that prohibits water baptism of female champions. It takes time to fix and renew makeup, so it is banned from this year.

The winning player is like a model to the organizers. It was also a factor that interfered with filming in promotional materials (cars, yachts, motorcycles, etc.) after the game.

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