If you buy a pile of ‘match-fixing’, the Football Association reexamines the date of criticism on the 31st

Soccer fans are furious. The Korea Football Association made a surprise decision to pardon 100 soccer players who were disciplined for match-fixing. ‘Match-fixing’ was pointed out as an abuse of amnesty as much as it was accepted as an incident that shakes the foundation in sports. In the end, the Korea Football Association decided to reexamine the pardon decision.

This is reporter Seok Min-hyeok.

The time when all the fans’ attention was focused on Uruguay. 온라인카지노The Football Association pardoned 100 soccer players who were in disciplinary action one hour before the start of the game.

This included Choi Seong-guk, a former national team player who participated in match-fixing.

It was said to be a measure for self-congratulation and integration for the World Cup round of 16, but the list of people subject to pardon was hidden. 

Jung Ji-Hoon / Soccer Fan
“I think it’s not reasonable because it’s the juniors and active players who got the results, but the seniors benefited from it.”

The Football Association did not even make inquiries to the Korea Sports Association, a higher-level organization, regarding this issue, but according to the rules of the Sports Association, only a request for relief, not a pardon, is possible, and even this is in fact difficult.

Korea Sports Council “Only when the investigative agency says they are not guilty or the judicial agency is found not guilty, only when the reason for disciplinary action is not

It is also pointed out that there is no amnesty.

As the controversy intensified, the Korea Football Association took urgent action to discuss it again tomorrow.

An official from the Football Association said,
“There are various things that will be discussed again at the emergency board meeting tomorrow, including that…”

However, the anger of the soccer world, such as the Red Devils foretelling a boycott, is not fading.

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