“I’m going to blow your head off” Torres gets into an argument with a former ‘teammate’

Fernando Torres got into an argument with former teammate Alvaro Arbeloa during the game.

star of memory Torres, from Spain, boasts golden hair and flowery looks and has many fans. He also had good football skills, and he stood out at Atletico Madrid, and spent his heyday forming the ‘Zetto Line’ with Steven Gerrard during Liverpool. Since then, he has gone downhill in his career at Chelsea, but many fans have not forgotten his playing days.

After retiring from his playing career,카지노사이트 Torres went on to become a manager. In 2021, he coached Atlético’s B team, his ‘parent team’, and later became the manager of Atlético Huvenil A.

And last weekend in the Youth Cup, Torres’ Atlético faced Real. The match ended with Real winning 4-2 on aggregate.

However, during this match, Torres got into an altercation with his past teammate. The main character was Arbeloa, who led Real Madrid. The two players worked together at Liverpool from 2007 to 2009. According to British media ‘The Sun’, Torres collided with Arbeloa near the sideline.

The two directors had an argument. According to ‘The Sun’, Torres made a rather radical remark to Arbeloa, saying, “I will blow your head off,” and Arbeloa responded by saying, “Do it if you can.”

After that, they even got into a fight. Torres shoved Arbeloa in the chest and the referee immediately gave Torres a red card.

Fans who saw this reacted delightfully. “A clash of Liverpool legends” one fan reacted and another said “Arbeloa should have been sent off too so Torres didn’t have to walk alone”. It was a playful reaction using the Liverpool symbol ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’.

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