“I’m happy to be on the court” The last puzzle that OK has been waiting for, Lee Min-gyu is back

“I know best what to do on the team and how to do it. Rather than having a burden, I want to do my best by looking only at the ball and looking forward.”

The last puzzle that OK Financial Group has been waiting for is back. Lee Min-gyu finished his military service as a social worker on January 28, and played his comeback in the Dodram 2022-2023 V-League 5th round Hyundai Capital match held at Cheonan Yu Gwan-soon Gymnasium on the 1st.

After 666 days he appeared on the court. Since he was replaced with Kwak Myung-woo in the first set, he has been running the game as the main setter, but unfortunately the team has not led to victory.

After his comeback match, Lee Min-gyu, who had a phone interview with <The Spike>, first conveyed his feelings after being discharged. “I still don’t feel it. Even before his discharge, he worked with his teammates through vacation. So I don’t feel it yet, but I felt that he was discharged while playing.”

While on vacation, he followed the team and watched from the stands. Off the court, Lee Min-kyu did not waste time. He said, “All players are like that, but when I watched the game outside, I thought a lot about wanting to play. But he looked at the game broadly and he was able to think a lot about how to take the play and how to play while saving the strikers.”

After that, he could hear his impressions of playing the game after a long time. Lee Min-gyu said, “I was excited. He felt good playing volleyball again, but he would have been more happy if even the results were good. The result was very disappointing,” he expressed regret along with his joy.

I worked with Song Myeong-geun, whom I have been with since high school, for the first time in two years. The two players showed good chemistry despite the blank space. Lee Min-gyu said, “There was a gap of two years, but there is not much pressure to adjust. If you lift it, it hits well. I always trust Myeong-geun more than any other striker.”

However, breathing with Leonardo Leiva Martinez (registered name Leo) was somewhat disappointing. Even in the middle of the game, coach Seok Jin-wook of OK Financial Group could be seen talking to Lee Min-gyu about the ball given to Leo during the operation time.

Lee Min-gyu said, “(Kwak) Myung-woo hyung was the main setter, so he didn’t practice much. He got it right the first time in the game. It hit really well though. Even if it was uploaded badly, it was handled well. He was a player with good attack power, so there was no pressure, and thanks to his handling, I was able to gain more strength.”

The head also showed satisfaction with Lee Min-kyu’s performance. OK Financial Group coach Seok Jin-wook said after the game, “Lee Min-gyu’s performance was better than practice. We will be in good shape from the next match. He gave a positive answer, saying, “Because he has quick set plays, the strikers’ RBIs are more alive.”

While I was away from the team for two years, change was natural. In addition to the team atmosphere, there are more players younger than myself. Lee Min-gyu said, “It was difficult to adapt at first because there are many players younger than me. The players who play the game have also changed, and there were many new parts because it was the first time I matched up with Leo.”

During his military service, he underwent surgery on his left knee and underwent rehabilitation. He said he’s still not in perfect shape. Lee Min-gyu said, “I need more rehabilitation. The team needs me right now, and of course I wanted to help the team, so I said a lot that I wanted to play.” 바카라사이트

OK Financial Group is not only entering the second half of the league, but also fighting fiercely for ranking. Lee Min-kyu’s return is more welcome news than ever. With his return, he took on a heavy responsibility, but more than anyone else, the player himself knew the importance of his role.

“I know best what to do on the team and how to do it. Standing on the court itself is so happy. So rather than having a burden, I want to do my best by looking only at the ball and looking forward.”

“The attack tempo has become faster and more diverse.” Lee Min-gyu wants to hear this season. “There are a lot of good strikers,” he said. It is the setter’s responsibility to make use of the strikers’ abilities well, so I will work harder. I really want to enjoy the rest of the game without regrets. When the game is over, I want to do everything I can and wait for the results, rather than having regrets and regrets.”

He also thanked the fans who had been waiting for a long time. “I always feel grateful for your unwavering support. Even before returning, I could hear all the cheering from the fans. After winning the 3rd set, all the players heard the words, ‘Let’s win and go’. I am grateful to be able to play while receiving support, and we will show a good performance.

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