“In the end, training was the only way to survive” Confession of Samsung Life Insurance Lee Hae-ran, who overcame the slump

Yongin Samsung Life forward Lee Hae-ran (20 cm 182 cm) is recording 8.13 points, 4.25 rebounds and 0.71 assists per game in the regular league of ‘Shinhan Bank SOL 2022-2023 Women’s Professional Basketball’. Compared to last season when he was a rookie, his defense numbers such as block shots (0.75) and steals (0.96) improved, but his offensive record fell slightly. This is because he suffered a severe slump in the middle of the season.

Fortunately, it has been running again recently. In the last 3 games, in which the team won 3 consecutive victories, the average of 16.0 points, 7.0 rebounds and 1.7 assists in the offensive sector has also been greatly improved. He seems to have regained his confidence by attempting mid-to-long-range shooting without hesitation.

The secret to getting out of the slump was training. Lee Hae-ran said, “I felt like I was going down endlessly, with no confidence, no intimidation, no attack, no mistakes. He reflected on the past time, saying, “I decided to practice as much as possible because the coach advised me, ‘You have to see the game with effort.’” “I digested team practice and received skill training whenever I had time. At the same time, his confidence increased a lot. In fact, he wasn’t a style that required a lot of training, but he seems to have found a little bit of confidence while making changes.”

Lee Hae-ran faced Kim Han-byeol, a powerful Busan BNK Sum, in a home game at Yongin Gymnasium on the 8th, and showed impressive performance in defense. This was also due to his training. As much as he fell behind in power, he intensively honed his defense during night training to learn how to defend in the post.

Lee Hae-ran is a ‘stretch type big man’ who is tall but has speed and outside shooting ability. He is an expectant stock that Samsung Life Insurance has been nurturing. He made a splendid debut by winning the rookie award last year, but he also couldn’t avoid the ‘2nd year jinx’. Training is the method he chose during the troubled time. Thanks to sweating non-stop, he regained his skills and strengths. 바카라사이트

Samsung Life coach Lim Geun-bae said, “Lee Hae-ran is a player who can do her part. He is still young, so he lacks understanding of the situation, but he has more potential for development. He’ll be better if he can find some slack in unraveling the game.”

Lee Hae-ran, who expressed confidence, said, “If (Bae) Hye-yoon plays with her sister, no matter what team she meets, she will not be pushed back in the post fight.” I will do my best to advance to the playoffs and make sure the team wins.”

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